Hate crimes against Latinos on the rise | The USA Print

Hate crimes against Latinos on the rise | The USA Print

Hate crimes against Latinos on the rise | The USA Print

Since 2019 there has been an increase in acts of hate against Hispanics or Latinos in the United States and a new report reveals that, in 2022, there was a 2.2 percent increase in this type of crime.

The good news is that the rise in attacks against Latinos has been slower, according to the California State University San Bernardino report.

African Americans continue to be the most attacked group in the US with 35%, while the LGBTQIA+ population registers 13%, Jews 8% and Latinos 6%.

“Over the past few decades, more than three-quarters of the hate crimes reported to the FBI are from five groups: African-Americans, Jews, whites, whites, gay men, and Latinos,” the report states.

Research from the University Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism recalled that the rise in these crimes was 41% between 2020 and 2021.

However, the researchers warned that the number of hate crimes against Hispanics could be higher, because not all police departments include racial and ethnic information in their reports.

Los Angeles was the largest city that reported the most hate crimes against Latinos in 2022, with 90, followed by Phoenix (15) and Chicago (12).

The report underscores that increases in crimes against Latinos were most frequent in cities in the Midwest or East, with declines in the Southwest.

“In recent years, hate crimes against Latinos have peaked in the midst of election years,” the report stresses.

In this sense, he explains that in recent electoral years immigration was considered an important issue, amid omnipresent stereotypes such as the “caravan” stories of 2018.

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Hate crimes against Latinos in the last decade increased significantly in the summer of 2018 after the reports of these caravans.

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