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Gun control within the United States will be a reality. In a few moments, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, will sign a new executive order to stop the armed violence that is taking place within the territory.

Gun control within the United States

The constant struggle of the USA to be able to combat gun violence within their territory, is huge. However, the results are not entirely good, since the shootings increase in large numbers. Given this, officials demanded that there be greater control of weapons within the national territory. The executive order was raised before the corresponding authorities, passing into the hands of the current President of the United States, Joe Biden.

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A new order to regulate weapons

This Tuesday, March 14, 2023, Joe Biden will sign a new executive order on the regularization of firearms. Within his speech from Monterey Park, the political leader of the United States will talk about the activities carried out.

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It is estimated that the president will sign the new regulations that will seek to increase the number of background checks for those who wish to buy weapons. This legislation also seeks to promote better systems of firearms storage and that they are more secure. It is also intended to ensure that US police departments take great advantage of this bipartisan law. It should be noted that this legislation was enacted since the summer of last year.

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A speech that will seek clarification of activities

During his speech, the Democratic president of the American world power will give information about his different activities and initiatives to reduce the armed violence that has been taking place in recent weeks. This was stated by a high-ranking White House official to the media and the press. The politician spoke about the order anonymously.

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He speech against guns of the president Joe Biden it grows stronger as the time of his presidency progresses. The political leader of the USA invites all his colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans, to ban assault weapons. Even the Democrats’ support for anti-gun initiatives is one of the largest in the entire history of the American nation. This is bigger than during the presidency of Barack Obama, who had several arguments against the use of firearms. It should be noted that during the presidency of Obamawho held the position of vice president was Joe Biden.

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With proposals for public acceptance

The current president of the american nation he gained more courage because of the midterm elections, since during the campaigns he gave the speech he usually gives on gun control. This talk did not end with losses, but on the contrary, it was accepted by several of the supporters. Experts hope that Joe Biden will continue to insist on his initiatives for the elderly gun regulationsas his career progresses in this 2024.

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Increase in shootings

It should be noted that shootings are the daily bread within the United States. Many states, including Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico, have had increases in the number of shootings this year. Given this, the population of the entire nation is concerned.

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The strategy of the USA it is to fight and prepare against these events once they occur. They have different training for security elements, teachers and staff of educational institutions. In the same way, they seek to reinforce the infrastructure of the schools to protect the students in the event that defense is needed within the facilities.

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