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Guardiola: "We played with the pain of taking last year's elimination for a whole year"

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiolasaid that his players thrashed Real Madrid because they played with “the pain of having been eliminated last year for a whole year.”

“I think the pain we had last year was there. The energy that we’ve had for a year being criticized has been there. Today they have had the reward they deserve. We have played with the pain of having been eliminated for a whole year last year,” Guardiola said after going to the Champions League final by beating Madrid 4-0.

“I have had the feeling that we have had that very present and today it came out. We have removed everything. Sport always gives you a second chance, it always gives you revenge“Added the strategist during the press conference.

This is the fourth final of the Champions League that Guardiola will play, the second he faces as a Manchester City strategist.

In the press conference, the coach assured that what makes a team great is fighting every year for the biggest titles.

“I don’t have so many expectations as to think that I will always win the Champions League The times that I have lost is it because the others are bad? The rivals also play. They say that City played poorly at the Bernabéu, and why don’t we say that Madrid played well? You can’t always win,” he commented.

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“The best is take the team to the final rounds and if you are there often and play finals, one day you win it”, he added.

In relation to the final instance of the Champions League, Pep assured that it is not good for people to say that they are the favourites, and that if they lose the final it will be due to “bad luck”.

“The pleasure of being there is incalculable. Of course, Inter can beat us, but how we have played is not taken away from us by anyone, ”he declared.

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