Griezmann says no to the millions from Saudi Arabia: “My goal is still the MLS” | The USA Print

Griezmann says no to the millions from Saudi Arabia: "My goal is still the MLS"

Griezmann says no to the millions from Saudi Arabia: "My goal is still the MLS" | The USA Print

In the run-up to the clash between France and Germany, Atlético de Madrid footballer Antoine Griezmann shared his opinions on several topics, including the emergence of Saudi football on the world stage.

“I understand those who have gone to play there. We are talking about incredible sums of money. Even though we make a lot of money, some want to protect their children and grandchildren, and that seems normal to me. They will have the obligation to play well and show all their talent. Could I go? I have a family and three children. It is not an easy decision to make. But as you know, my goal is still the MLS”, he commented.

Griezmann also revealed: “The most important thing is to qualify for the Euro Cup. We know there are only three players over a certain age who can do it, so there are a lot of questions, which is normal. “When I watch the Olympic Games, I don’t do it as a footballer, I do it as a fan like any other Frenchman.”

Finally, Griezmann in relation to his state of form, assured that he is not 100%. “Last year was complicated because at first he only played 30 minutes. I’m still not 100% right now, I’ve only had 20 days of vacation after all the trips we did during the preseason. I will feel better and better“, he concluded.

To close, he also indicated his talk with Deschamps: “My father sent me a message to see if something was happening. We were talking about the game and the first half. The coach asked me if I was okay. I told him that I thought the game had focused too much on the left side, so what I did was lean to the left to send the game to the right side.either. In the second half, the ball came more easily to Ousmane Démbélé. My father calmed down.”

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