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Greek Román, the alleged serial femicide on which the suspicion of the murder of seven women in Mexico weighs | The USA Print


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Greek Roman, Juan Carlos Gasperin, Ricardo Dereck, Ricardo Crivelli. The name was different, but the modus operandi did not change. The alleged serial femicide on which the suspicion of at least seven murders of women now hovers always used the same hook: a promise of employment. The 38-year-old man quoted his victims in hotels and restaurants. They came with their best possible appearance, punctual and with documentation in hand to the supposed appointment. The last of her victims, Viridiana Moreno Vásquez, 31, has been key to capturing the alleged murderer this Wednesday in the municipality of San Juan del Río, in Querétaro. Behind the arrest of her and her partner, she leaves a trail of death that reaches the states of Morelos and Puebla, according to the first investigations of the Ministry of Public Security.

The Undersecretary of Public Security, Ricardo Mejía, reported this Thursday at the Executive’s press conference that the man known as Greek Román or Juan Carlos and his partner were arrested in Querétaro, some 480 kilometers away from where the trail was lost. of Viridiana Moreno Vásquez, the woman found dead days after having an encounter with the now alleged murderer in the city of Cardel, Veracruz. The detainees were transferred to that State so that the local authorities can define their legal situation.

Moreno Vásquez had been selling frozen meat for a long time, but he was looking for a second source of income to be able to finish his degree in Physical Education. For that reason, he was struck by an ad on Facebook with an attractive job offer as a hotel receptionist: “Receptionist required for the Cardel area. Activities: Answer calls and schedule appointments. Salary: 1,800 pesos per week plus punctuality bonus”, the message mentioned. The wife and mother of a 10-year-old boy left her house on May 18 for the Welcome Hotel to attend the job interview. Since then, her relatives have not seen her again.

After five days of intense search, his family and friends are contacted by the Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office to notify them of the discovery of some remains in a vacant lot in plastic bags in the surroundings of the coastal town of Chachalacas. Eduardo Hernández, cousin of the victim, tells with difficulty the macabre findings that were discovered, however, due to the injuries that these parts of the body presented, they affirm that it is not possible to be certain of the identity of their relative until laboratory tests are performed.

Hernández assures that they receive with mistrust the information regarding the alleged serial femicide. “Yesterday we had nothing and now we even have the culprit and it turns out that he is a serial killer. There is a lot of impotence, a lot of mistrust, this guy seems to me that he has already been imprisoned, it seems that he has several complaints in Querétaro, in Puebla, what is it that they are giving me to understand, that they are also going to release him, ”he declares.

The Undersecretary of Security delved this morning into some of the inquiries that led to the capture of the alleged serial femicide. In the broadcast recordings, Moreno Vásquez is observed boarding a scooter with the now accused at the gates of the hotel, after a few minutes on the streets of Cardel and after passing a gas station, they lose track. Mejía added that as a result of subsequent investigations, it was possible to locate the home that Greek Román rented in Veracruz. In the place, the undersecretary affirmed, the victim’s clothes were located, the scooter observed in the recordings and other indications that link him to the disappearance and murder of Moreno Vásquez. “Greek Román identified himself with another name and acted with the same modus operandi, by deceiving her possible victims, with false job offers, impersonating identities,” Mejía declared at the National Palace.

However, for the Moreno family there are still pieces of the puzzle that do not quite fit. They have not had access to the fingerprint evidence referred to by the Secretary of Security, to find the missing body remains that have not been found 15 days after his disappearance, and to carry out a second expert opinion on the parts they have to corroborate that these findings do correspond to Viridiana.

The authorities have been tracking the alleged femicide since last April. The reason, her involvement in the disappearance and death of young Evelyn Afiune in Morelos. The case of Afiune, 22, shares macabre similarities with the death and fate of Viridiana. According to the investigation of the local Prosecutor’s Office, Evelyn was contacted by her aggressor through social networks, who summoned her on March 24 in a cafeteria in downtown Cuautla. After a few minutes of conversation, the young woman boards a taxi with the alleged femicide and they arrive at a barbershop, a place where she would no longer leave. Her body was found three days after she was reported missing. The autopsy performed on her body revealed that she was sexually abused, beaten and suffocated.

Evelyn Afune and Viridiana Moreno.
Evelyn Afune and Viridiana Moreno.RR.SS.

The Government of López Obrador reaches the middle of its mandate with the pending issue of ending the femicide violence that claims the lives of 11 women a day. The femicide roller devastates in all the geographical coordinates of the country. The National Citizen Observatory of Femicide (OCNF) have raised their voices to demand that an alert of gender-based violence against women be declared due to disappearance for the State of Veracruz due to the rise in cases in the entity. According to the National Registry of Missing and Missing Persons in Veracruz, as of April 2022, there are a total of 2,465 missing women and girls. In the case of the murders of women, girls and adolescents in the entity, from 2021 to April 2022, 207 were registered, of which 102 cases are investigated as femicide, which means less than 50%.

The detainee, who has in his history an accusation of rape filed since 2012 in Veracruz, will now sit in the dock to answer, at least, for the lives of Viridiana Moreno and Evelyn Afiun, who attended the appointment with props his victimizer under the promise of a job offer.

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