Granada dismisses ‘Cacique’ Medina and Sandoval arrives | Soccer | Sports


The season is being very hectic at Granada. The general management of the Andalusian team, chaired by Alfredo García Amado, has decided to dismiss Alexander Medina, the coach who came to save the Andalusian team after the goodbye of Paco López at the conclusion of matchday 14. Medina was endorsed by the sports director, Matteo Tognozzi, who arrived at the entity in October and who did not trust Paco López. García Amado himself has decided that José Ramón Sandoval will be the coach who occupies the bench. Sandoval, who already coached Granada in 2015, will live his second stage at the Andalusian club. Then he saved him from relegation. Now, with nine games remaining, it is almost an impossible mission (although the Andalusian team has one game left against Valencia). Granada is 19th in the standings and is, with only 14 points, 13 away from salvation. Sandoval will make his debut against Cádiz after this national team league break.

The result of Medina’s work has been very poor. The Uruguayan has only won one game in the 14 games he has coached, with nine losses and four draws (seven out of 42 points). With Mallorca (1-0), he has accumulated three consecutive defeats and the feelings that the team offers are very bad. There are 15 matches that he has not won outside of Granada and nine in a row. Medina made Paco López’s numbers worse.

García Amado is the strong man of the Chinese-owned entity. He has made the decision after analyzing the decline in the game and the results of a team already strongly contested by the fans themselves. He coincided with Sandoval at Sporting and Córdoba. The Madrid coach has been at work since he was dismissed at Fuenlabrada, in the Second Division, in the 2021-2022 season. The decline also appears in an uncertain situation regarding the future. The Chinese owners have been holding talks with different investors to sell the club, something that has not finally happened. Granada also carried out a revolution in its squad in the winter market thanks to its sports director. There were up to 10 signings and, except for the Battle goal, the additions have had a more than discreet performance. Furthermore, in this market he transferred his great figure, Bryan Zaragoza, to Bayern Munich. After a few days still at the Andalusian club, the Germans activated the winger’s departure at the end of January.

Medina’s Granada had some acceptable games and seemed to be more solid than Paco López’s. It was a mere mirage. After defeating Cádiz on January 3, this year they have accumulated nine games without winning, with six losses and three draws. Of course, one of these draws was a creditable three-goal draw against Barcelona.

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