Graduates jump into the job market | The USA Print

Graduates jump into the job market | The USA Print

Graduates jump into the job market | The USA Print

For those of us who finished school and graduated from the university in the last century, the uncertainty faced today by new professionals, who leave ready to seek employment with typical optimism of young people, should not come as a surprise.

However, it seems that the prospects are somewhat difficult in a world that, due to technology, changes knowledge and the ability to learn at a dizzying speed.

They, those of the replacement generation, dream of the success that this diploma that they managed to conclude in times of pandemic, with a large debt for tuition, should guarantee. And it happens just when the economy is not looking good and we know of layoffs daily; This is without taking into account the supposed competition, which is “unfair”, I would say, due to the artificial intelligence that enters the labor market variable.

According to the recent survey, the optimism of these young people reaches 88%, because they believe that they will find the ideal job; although variables such as interest rates that continue to rise and slow down new hires, which in 2021 had fallen by 29% and until this April reached 32%, play against them.

In addition, the growth of the economy is still modest, after the debacle caused by the pandemic that slowed down the finances of the richest countries, such as the United States.

In addition, there are daily layoffs in the field of technology, as happened recently at Google and Facebook, or Twitter, for example, or the departure of executives in the banking system, after the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank.

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But don’t worry, guys, because the world is not going to end! That optimism is what made the generations that you now challenge reach the positions that will soon be ready for those who have the mettle and the capacity with human emotional intelligence to Manage the business environment.

Whether it be healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses, or perhaps computer engineers, lawyers or accountants, for all creatives there will be a tomorrow at the office.

Of course, it is possible that some have to mark a curve and to survive they would have to change careers, even without beginning to exercise their professional title, to settle in a better position. But, again, calm down because that is valid and flexibility helps survival.

When we got our diploma, a while ago, we were told that we would not find a job and we would have to reduce our ambitions due to lack of experience. And today the discourse is the same, and I would say that this uncertainty is what drives us to improve the future.

The author, Sofía Villa, writes this column in her personal capacity and her opinions do not represent Televisa-Univision where she works as Writer/Producer.

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