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Now, desktop search results display new information, just like on the mobile version: site name, favicon and “sponsored” mention. Users will be able to more easily identify the websites present in the SERPs.

The 3 points to remember:

  • The favicon and site name are displayed above the page name
  • These changes also apply to paid ads, which also have a “Sponsored” mention.
  • WebSite structured data can improve the accuracy of the site name displayed in the SERP

What changes

If you do Google searches from your smartphone, this announcement will not surprise you much. The search engine has rolled out its mobile search results design (already in place since October) on its desktop version. We therefore now see the favicon and the name of the site above the name of the page and the meta-description.

Example for Abundance

These changes also apply to paid ads. The goal, according to Google, is to provide Internet users with greater transparency regarding advertiser sites. You can also see the word “Sponsored” in bold black text above the ads, to distinguish them from natural results.

Example with Mailchimp

How to make his name and favicon appear?

It’s automatic ! THE search engine generates the name of the sites itself in the SERPs. In October, Google explained that Google Search uses several methods to identify the site’s name.

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If you cannot manually modify the name that is displayed, you can improve the accuracy of the display using the structured data Website indicating the name of your site.

Note: the name of the site is different from the title of the page, unique for each URL.

We already shared the Website structured data tag with you in October, here it is again (JSON-LD format):

For the favicon, it’s even easier since you can modify it yourself. Use your logo or part of it to be easily identified. Google suggests providing an icon of at least 48 pixels.

In summary, this new design is an opportunity to attract more traffic to your site, by having a precise and clear site name. Like Abundance, where the site name is “SEO News”! More practical to avoid confusing us with cheese 😉 Monitor your click-through rate to see if you need to make any changes to your site name or favicon.

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