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The new look of the Google Trends platform brings it more modernity, with rounded corners and a header highlighting the latest video search trends. The blue used is also lighter, less aggressive than the original blue.

The home page is divided into 4 parts:

  • Current search trendswith links to articles explaining why this search is popular right now;
  • Go furtherwith themes and events selected by Google Trends;
  • Created with Trendsthe purpose of which is to highlight the usefulness of the tool;
  • Get started with Trendsan interesting part for beginners who want to learn how to use the tool.

As a reminder, Google Trends looked like this, before its facelift:

What changes

In addition to this new, much more modern design, we have seen some changes.

You can explore real-time trends right on the homepage. They are hourly updates.

Press articles accompany these trends, to help you learn more about these subjects. Excellent news for the news media who will be able to receive traffic thanks to Google Trends.

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The homepage also highlights trends in your country, but also trends around the world.

Of the tutorials were created to allow Internet users to easily use Google Trends data. They are directly accessible on the homepage and can interest both beginners and regulars of the platform, in particular the tutorial “Advanced options of Google Trends”.

Why this change?

Because of the spring cleaning! Yep, that’s the reason given by Google in their press release. We suspect that the redesign has been in the pipeline for a little longer than that 😉

Their goal was obviously to make Google Trends more modern, but also easier to use. Perhaps they realized that Internet users were not using the tool to its full potential, hence the appearance of complete tutorials for understanding the data or doing advanced research.

Apart from the home page, it seems that there have been no major changes. When doing a search, the widgets are always the same. Nothing new there yet!

What do you think of this makeover? Were you expecting it? Or do you have the impression that it will not change much to your use of Google Trends?

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