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Google has made a significant update to the management of users and their permissions on Search Console. These features are not so new, since they were available in late Webmaster Tools. A new step to integrate all the functionalities in the Google Search Console.

Better user management

Here are the new features added to Google Search Console user management and permissions:

  • Distinction between verified users and delegated users
  • Easy and immediate removal of verified users
  • Ability to change delegated user permission levels: read only, restricted edit, full edit
  • Ability to see your property verification tokens for all users, current and former, so you can easily remove them
  • History of ownership changes

Before this update, it was possible for deleted users to regain access via their property tokens. Now you will be able to see all tokens and delete them to prevent old users from regaining their access to the property.

Consequently, the Webmaster Central verification tool will be removed within a few months.

Good practices

In its press release, Google took the opportunity to recall what were the best practices for user authorizations.

It clarifies that you should grant users only the level of permissions they need for their tasks, no more. This limits security vulnerabilities. For change permission levelyou just need to click on “More Actions”.

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Don’t forget to change the permission level of users who have completed their task, or even remove them from the property if they no longer need access. Make sure to delete all user verification tokens, looking at the remaining ownership tokens.


More security and collaboration

This Search Console update promises to be useful, especially for businesses with a large number of users of the tool. Thanks to a more precise granting of user permissions, collaboration between team members will be facilitated while increasing the level of security.

This is an opportunity to take a look at your Google Search Console to update access levels different users, and maybe add new members with restricted access!

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