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Google has announced a new algorithm update for product reviews. Concerning 11 languages, including French, this 6th update should reach its full deployment in about two weeks. Intended to promote quality content based on verified and relevant data, it is accompanied by a reminder of the recommendations relating to the description of the products.

A penalty that does not really say its name

With this new update, Google wants to continue to give a boost to reviews that stand out. Officially, even if there is no question of directly penalizing sites with poor quality reviews, Google does not hide its intentions: promote content able to provide something more than a simple technical sheet or standardized information, favoring them in the rankings of search results. In other words: here is indeed a sanction which does not say its name, for the sites with the lightest contents!

Note that this change, which follows the September 2022 update, concerns the following languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish. Its full deployment will take about 2 weeks, like previous updates.

As a reminder, a product page may contain different content, and in particular opinions, the purpose of which is toprovide useful additional information to potential customers, redirect them to a product that may be more suited to their needs or reassure them during their purchasing process. Google advises to use structured data to better identify reviews when they are present on a page, although other elements are also taken into account for this purpose.

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Google’s tips for writing good product reviews

As usual, Google always shares its best practices to help you provide a truly relevant, expert and reliable opinion on a product. THE high quality product reviews must in particular:

  • Demonstrate expert knowledge of the products.
  • Show what the product looks like or how to use it, with unique content different from what is offered by the manufacturer.
  • Provide qualitative metrics to assess product performance in different categories.
  • Explain what distinguishes the product from that offered by its competitors.
  • Mention other comparable products on which to pay attention, or explain which products may prove more interesting for certain uses or in certain circumstances.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of a specific product, based on initial research done on it.
  • Describe how the product has evolved from previous models or versions, to resolve issues or to help users make purchasing decisions.
  • Identify the main decision factors relating to the category of the product and the performance of the product in this area.
  • Describe the key choices made during product design and the consequences for users, beyond the technical information provided by the manufacturer.
  • Provide evidence (photos, audios or specific links) concerning your own experience, in order to support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your opinion.
  • Contain links pointing to multiple sellers, giving the reader the option to purchase from the merchant of their choice.
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