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Do you need to convey extra consumers for your established order? No matter your job, don’t omit the Google Maps mapping carrier. With greater than 1 billion per 30 days lively customers, this seek engine is surely a channel to help you acquire visibility .

It stays to know the way to make your small business seem on Google Maps and particularly download a just right rating. Thru this handbook, uncover the whole thing you wish to have to find out about Google Map search engine optimization.

Position your business on Google Maps
Place your small business on Google Maps 📌

Within the first a part of this text, we can display you the stairs to apply to make your small business visual on Google Maps . Then, in the second one section, we can disclose all of the tactics to optimize your positioning within the seek effects. Purpose: to be within the most sensible 3 of the rating.

What’s Google Map search engine optimization?

Google Map referencing is the set of practices aimed at making a company appear in the first search results on Google Maps. In the jargon, this optimization strategy is also called native SEO or native search engine optimization .

To fully understand how Google Maps works, let’s see an example.

Suppose you own a restaurant in Paris. John, an American tourist passing through the City of Light, wants to dine in a restaurant with his wife.

To save time, he then decides to go to the Google Maps software. He enters “eating place Paris” in the dedicated search bar. Following his request, Google Maps provides him with a list of restaurants closest to his location. And of course, the restaurants that appear on the first web page will have more chances of being selected by John.

You will have understood it: Google Map referencing is a powerful lever aimed at companies with a catchment area. This allows them to have more visibility and to acquire new customers. Over the long term, this strategy can improve the popularity of your business in a target geographic area.

What is Google Map SEO?

Who is Google Map SEO for?

Native referencing targets customers located within a specific geographical radius. It can be a department, a region, a city or even a catchment area.

As such, this strategy is not intended for companies whose offers are presented exclusively online (an e-commerce store for example).

Google Map referencing is dedicated to companies whose activity requires geographical visibility in order to acquire new customers. Here are some examples:

  • Local shops  : supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, and so on.
  • Craftsmen :  plumber, cabinetmaker, electrician, and so on.
  • Professions in the wellness sector  : beautician, sophrologist, angular prosthetist, osteopath, physiotherapist, naturopath, and so on.
  • The liberal professions: lawyer, notary, architect, accountant, surveyor, and so on.

Why list your establishment on Google Maps?

According to a study by the online website of knowledge CNET, the mapping carrier Google Maps has 1 billion active users per month . In addition, almost half of the queries on Google are for native property searches. 26% of searches result in a purchase. Suffice to say that this is a formidable shopper acquisition lever.

Google Maps is simply essential for local businesses whose activity depends on their catchment area. Being referenced on this Google map allows you to increase your local visibility . Enough to attract more customers to your industrial establishment.

Moreover, some SMEs attach little significance to virtual advertising and marketing. This tool helps you to have a head start on your competitors whose address does not determine it.

Visibility of your business on Google Maps can also help you improve your e-reputation . Indeed, this tool allows its users to share their experience with you by leaving opinions in comments and giving you an observation.

Another reason to optimize your Google Map referencing: It’s totally free. Listing your business on this tool won’t cost you a penny. In addition, it can be done in a few clicks.

Remark listing your business on Google Maps?

Now that you understand the significance of Google Map SEO, let’s see how to integrate your store into it . To do this, follow these directions:

  • Go to the Google My Business online website , then create your account using your Gmail address
  • Log in to your account to fill in the name of your establishment and its address
  • Accept the general stipulations of use before providing all the information requested from you (category of your company, your opening hours, the URL of your online website, your telephone number)
  • Click the “Send” button to receive a validation code by email
  • Once your code has been received, return to your Google My Trade dashboard to enter it in the box dedicated to this purpose to validate your registration

And There you go ! Your business is now listed in Google Maps. It should appear in local search results if your listing is well optimized.

List your business on Google Maps

What to do if your business does not appear in Google Maps search results?

Can’t find your business on Google Maps after following the required procedures? Above all, don’t panic! Here are the possible reasons for the problem and the steps to take to fix it:

  • Your Google My Trade (GMB) listing has not been verified. In this case, you must send a new request using the code sent to you by email.
  • Your GMB listing is being validated. In this case, count a few days before seeing your company appear in the search results.
  • Your GMB listing has been updated. In this case, you should wait 3 days for the changes you have made to be validated. Note that if you update too frequently, Google may delete your listing. For any additional knowledge on this subject, do not hesitate to contact Google My Trade strengthen
  • Your GMB listing has already been validated for some time. In this case, it is conceivable that you have not filled out your form correctly. This one is just misreferenced.

Google Map SEO: 7 tips to improve its positioning

Now your business is listed on Google Maps. Note, however, that Internet users tend to favor companies that appear at the top of the list . Moreover, 56% of clicks relate to the first 3 lines.

Your chances of being selected by an Internet user would therefore be minimal if your file does not appear on the first web page. Reason why you need to adopt a strategy to move up in search results . The ideal would of course be to place yourself in the first place.

Prior to revealing just right practices for optimizing your Google Map referencing, let’s first focal point on Google’s rating standards . Certainly, the set of rules of this seek engine positions corporations in keeping with the next components:

  • The relevance of your corporate relating to the request of the Web consumer
  • The notoriety of your corporate
  • The high quality of the ideas you are making to be had to Google
  • The geographical proximity between your corporate and the consumer

The guideline is subsequently easy: you should create a document that meets those standards to wish to acquire a just right rating.

Listed below are some tricks to toughen your search engine optimization on Google Maps  :

Upload as a lot knowledge as imaginable for your Google My Trade list

To have a greater Google Map referencing, make sure to fill out your Google My Trade shape as it should be.

Listed below are the essential issues to keep in mind when growing your list:

  • The title of your corporate (ensure that this is freed from mistakes)
  • The primary class of your job (as an example: French eating place)
  • Further classes (as an example: pastries, take-out foods)
  • The actual cope with of your small business (this must permit your consumers to seek out your small business when the use of Google Maps GPS)
  • The. description of your activity  : make sure to indicate your value as well as the name of the city where your company is located
  • The. box “areas served” if you offer a delivery carrier or a carrier at home
  • The opening hours of your business . If you have exceptional opening hours (a public holiday for example), be sure to specify them in your file.
  • The phone number to contact your company
  • The. “Questions/Answers” ​​segment of Google My Trade: insert the questions most likely to be asked frequently by your customers in relation to your career. As for the answers, make sure they are clear (be sure to follow Google’s writing rules)
  • The brand of your company as well as the pictures and videos that can arouse the curiosity of Internet users. If it is a hotel for example, do not hesitate to highlight your assets (swimming pools, spas, equipped rooms, and so on.).
  • The URL of your online website
Fiche Google My Business

Enable Google My Trade messaging

From your GMB file, you can communicate with your future customers. Once the chat function is activated, a “Discuss” button will appear on your profile. Customers wishing to obtain additional information then simply click on it to get in touch with you.

From one section, this instant messaging allows you to create links with your potential customers . On the other hand, this one is important for Google Maps referencing, knowing that this search engine appreciates companies that are reactive.

Publish posts regularly on your GMB listing

A regular newsletter is a way to tell Google’s algorithm that your business is staying active. And it’s an asset that can help you move up the rankings . Also, with this in mind, don’t forget to include keywords and photos in your posts.

As for the types of posts, here are some examples to give you ideas:

  • Presentation of a new product or carrier
  • Announcement of a major upcoming event
  • Announcement of a promotional period

In any case, don’t forget to end your posts with a call to motion button (Book, Find out more, Buy or Subscribe).

Another interesting handbook  : Working Online: A Way to Make Money from Home. This handbook suggests several ideas for online work that you can do from home.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews

Customer reviews also count for Google Map referencing.

Internet users generally prefer establishments that have received good ratings and positive reviews . So, be sure to offer an offer that meets the requirements of your customers. Also, be sure to encourage them to leave reviews on Google Maps.

To help you collect reviews, consider using a tool like LocalRanker. The latter allows you to send opinion requests to your customers by SMS. Requests can be made in bulk or individually.

Note that on your Google My Trade account, you can also create a link that sends your customers to the “Reviews” segment of your establishment. You can in particular send this link by means of Fb, WhatsApp or Twitter.

Also be responsive to reviews left by your customers. Try to respond to all comments from your customers. This helps to reduce any damage caused by negative reviews.

Improve your social media presence

To have a better Google Map referencing, consider using your social networks. Indeed, Google is very attentive to the interactions that take place on social media. So, think about tweaking your professional web page on Fb , Twitter or Instagram (see how to have more subscribers). Don’t hesitate to call on a neighborhood supervisor if you don’t have the time to manage and animate your community.

Improve social media presence

Optimize the natural referencing of your online website

As part of a Google Map SEO strategy, you shouldn’t just focus on optimizing your GMB listing. For better efficiency, also think about optimizing the referencing of your online website by developing an effective search engine optimization strategy. If you have no perception in natural referencing, do not hesitate to do a skilled search engine optimization. This pro will know what moves to put in position to help you rank higher on Google .

If your company does not have an online web site, we recommend that you create one. To do this, you can imagine using the free solution offered by Google My Trade. However, you will be limited in terms of features. The best would therefore be to use a popular CMS like WordPress. But if you plan to use this tool to create your own online web site, the support of a professional in the field is recommended.

To please Google and make your web pages appear in the SERPs , your online website must meet a number of quality criteria. Among other things, you must offer quality content with relevant keywords . To help you, use a search engine optimization article writing tool such as YourTextGuru, Yooda Perception or 1.fr.

In addition to keywords, know that Google takes into account other criteria to position websites . Here are some examples of good practices to improve the SEO of an online website:

  • Make the online website responsive , i.e. suitable for all types of screens (computer, smartphone, tablet)
  • Optimize the different tags (meta title, meta description, H1)
  • Increase the loading time of the online website
  • Adopt a coherent and easy to understand online website construction
  • Make a good internal mesh (insert internal links in the pages of your website online)
  • Fix 404 errors
  • Add quality inbound links

Be present on other websites

Visibility on other platforms also allows you to improve your Google Map referencing. Indeed, this tool is based on the notoriety of the establishments to rank them in the search results.

Regarding the choice of platform, be sure to register on an online website specialized in your activity . For example, if you are a restaurant owner, consider listing your establishment on platforms such as Tripadvisor, The Fork (formerly TheFork), or even Petit Futé. Another example: if you are a plumber, remember to register on Information Artisan (guide-artisan.fr).

Note  : Be sure to always fill in the same information on all the websites on which you mention your company. Indeed, an error in the name, address or other information could have a negative effect on your referencing on Google Maps.

Conclusion on Google Map SEO

Here’s what you wish to have to keep in mind to place your small business neatly on Google Maps  :

  • Sign in on Google My Trade to create your list
  • Upload whole and right kind knowledge for your Google My Trade list
  • Use a device like LocalRanker to get extra Google evaluations
  • Make sure to reference your established order on different on-line platforms to realize visibility and recognition
  • Make stronger your social media presence
  • Optimize the herbal referencing of your website online to head up within the effects on Google Maps

In fact, mastering these types of issues can’t be improvised. As well as, it takes time to seek out and put in force the precise technique. If you wish to focal point extra in your primary job, you’ll want to delegate those duties to a pro within the box. Believe the use of the products and services of an search engine optimization company .


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