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Google Flights guarantees you the cheapest price for your flights;  and if not, it returns the difference

Are you looking for the best price on your flights without having to spend hours and hours searching? Google Flights has just launched the lowest price guarantee badge, a tool available to users to buy plane tickets with the guarantee that they will refund the difference if it is not the one with the best price.

Currently, Google has only enabled the function for flights that depart from the United States and with specific destinations, but everything indicates that in the future it will be a firm commitment by the Mountain View company and a prominent option to use the tool the next time you search. a flight.

This is how the new Google Flights service works

This is how the new Google Flights service works


As detailed by the technology giant in its announcement, Google Flights will work like this: some flights will have a small icon with a dollar sign. If you book that particular flight through this tool, the company says it will “control the price every day until departure.” If it goes down, it will refund you the difference.

However, the fine print is extensive, as can be read in the help document that Google has published. Only 500 dollars can be recovered per calendar year and the money will not be returned if the price difference is less than 5 dollars, a limitation that still seems promising for most users.

On the other hand, the refund will be strictly limited through Google Pay, and you will have to set it up within 90 days of being notified that it is available. Also, of course, you have to book your tickets through Google Flights and avoid other similar pages like Skyscanner.

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From Google they affirm that the difference between what you have paid and how far the ticket prices have dropped should reach your account within 48 hours of the plane taking off, all taking into account that your username and wallet are already configured. of Google Pay, a system that the company wants to encourage with this guarantee of cheap flights.

This Google system isn’t new, as other options like Priceline and Orbitz promise partial refunds in certain circumstances, as do some airlines. However, they usually require the user to search for a better price instead of constantly looking for it.

Another of the outstanding features of this new Google Flights best price guarantee will be that the company itself will control the price of the flights on a daily basis until the departure date so that if the rate drops, the difference will be returned to the buyer through Google Pay without the need to claim anything.

On the other hand, Google is also innovating in the search and reservation of hotels. Now it is easier to manage where to stay through mobile, and when users enter their search patterns for hotels (such as location or price), they will be able to see that information in a format similar to the stories of the social network Instagram.

The Google publication specifies that this new function that the company has launched includes the possibility of exploring the hotels in an area through a “swipeable story format”, which shows a slideshow of a hotel that can be slid up to see another hotel.

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All this with the aim of improving Google’s competitiveness in the disputed market for flights and vacation planning, a field in which artificial intelligence is already taking its first steps and is heading towards much more automated and comfortable systems so that the user is limited to enjoy their trips.

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