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The Helpful Content System has had an impact on Google Discover since October 2022. However, it would appear to be a very minor impact. The update of the GHCS documentation was therefore correct. Danny Sullivan explained himself on this subject.


A story without end ! As a reminder, on February 28, we shared with you This article to inform you that Danny Sullivan asserted that Google Discover does not yet use the Google Helpful Content System.

Several people had spotted a modification of the GHCS documentation, with the addition of a parenthesis adding Discover to the system’s action spectrum. So Barry Schwartz asked Danny Sullivan the question. The latter, who nevertheless works at Google, affirmed that Discover was not yet using GHCS.

Logically, we communicated the information to you, since it was validated by Danny Sullivan 😉 Except that…

The Google Helpful Content System has impacted Discover since October 2022

This March 7, Danny Sullivan made his mea culpa. After claiming the documentation was incorrect, he eventually backtracked on his words to Mastodon, where he wrote:

Sorry for the confusion on this. I did more checking. We are indeed using it, and have been doing so since last October. But it is a very light use! We leave the page as is, but as I also said, we do not confirm every search signal Discover uses.”.

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Danny Sullivan’s post on Mastodon

Normally, we hold the end of this story: yes, GHCS has an impact (even minor) on Google Discover. For a few months, a fortiori. Let’s hope Danny Sullivan doesn’t change his tune again, but it looks like the checks have been pushed to the limit.

This does not really change the conclusion we made in our previous article: to succeed on Discover, take into account good practices on Google Search!

As a punishment, every info brought by Danny Sullivan in the Goossips will be subtracted from a reliability star, just in case 😉

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