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Google quiere garantizar la seguridad de sus usuarios.

Google is taking serious security measures to ensure high standards for its users, that is why this Tuesday he announced that Starting in December, they will begin to delete accounts that have been inactive for a long time.

Through a post on its blog, Google indicated that the accounts that se found inactive in the last 2 years or that exceed their storage in Gmail, Drive and Photos will be deleted, with everything and its content.

It is important to clarify that the measure will only apply to personal accounts and not to those of organizations, such as schools or companies.

As part of the action plan, Google is sending multiple notifications to the email address of the account, as well as to the recovery email that was registered before the deletion.

To avoid this situation, Google recommends constantly visiting your email, as well as the files you have in the cloud, either through your computer or mobile phone.

Already in 2020, Google had announced that it would delete the stored content of inactive accounts; however, at the time it did not inform that the account itself would be deleted.

How to avoid losing your Google account

The first thing you should know is that the main account you have with Google, the one you frequently use for Android or Gmail, is not at risk.

But if you have another one and you don’t want to lose it, it is best to log in again, enter Gmail or any other service of the same. With these simple steps, your account can already be considered active and thus Google will not delete it.

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In case you do not remember the password, there are several ways to recover it. Once you’ve done that, change it or set a Google passkey so you don’t need passwords. Also, you can do something else to reassure Google that the account isn’t inactive, like sending an email, watching a YouTube video with it, or using Google Drive.

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