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On March 15, the Google Search Central account announced a new core update on Twitter. Its full deployment should take about 2 weeks.

The first core update of 2023

There had been no change since February 21, with the update on product reviews which ended on March 7. But yesterday afternoon, Google announced the launch of the first core update of 2023, which concerns all types of content.

Google Search Central Announcement Tweet

According to their page Google search ranking updates, this core update should require 2 weeks of deployment, the usual duration of these updates. For now, only the English page has been changed – no need to look at the French page. Even if the French page has not changed, the update will have an impact on all countries and all languages.

The last core update took place on September 12, 2022 and ended on September 26. It had therefore been 6 months since Google had made a general update to its search engine.

On Twitter, SEOs are on the lookout for any change in the position of their sites – and some are already seeing both positive and negative effects on their positioning. According to Barry Schwartz (Search Engine Roundtable), this update is starting very strong and very quickly, even though it has not even been 24 hours since its deployment began. This is obviously a big update, which will create a lot of movement in the SERPs. If Schwartz feels that the impact is stronger on the black hat SEO community, it is still a bit early to confirm this. To be continued…

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In any case, keep an eye on your positioning in the next two weeks! Most importantly, be patient and don’t panic before the deployment is complete.

While we wait for our announcement of the winners and losers of this general update, you can take a look at those of September 2022.

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