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Gloria Trevi reveals in her bioseries that she suffered an abortion because of Sergio Andrade

In the midst of the humiliation, physical and psychological abuse that he suffered from Sergio Andrade, Gloria Trevi revealed in her series ‘Ellas Soy Yo’ that, at the age of 27, without her consent, her former manager made her have an abortion.

The shocking revelation that was unknown was included in chapter 22 of the Trevi bioseries produced by Carla Estrada and is available on the VIX platform.

The series refers to the singer’s suspicions of pregnancy when she feels like vomiting while preparing food.

According to ‘Ellas Soy Yo’, Gloria Trevi, the actress is filming her third film, ‘Una Papa Sin Catsup’, and Andrade forces her, according to the story’s script, to jump off a fence repeatedly.

“He (Andrade) asked me to jump off a fence during the recording of ‘Una Papa Sin Catsup’, it was quite high, I jumped, but my legs couldn’t support me and I fell flat. He got upset with me, for any nonsense, because that was what he got upset for, for nonsense,” Trevi narrates in his own voice at the end of the chapter.

“Already in my moment of desperation when I started to tell him that I didn’t want anything, he grabbed me by the shoulders and said, ‘What’s happening to you?’ He started shaking me. There I told him, ‘I think I’m pregnant, and I think something happened because I’m bleeding.’ It was when he sent me to Houston, they told me that the child had come out of the uterus and that nothing could be done, that they had to take it out, that’s what the doctor had said. I cried, I didn’t want to, then he talked to me and told me that he had already missed that baby anyway and that one day he would have a child with me. “I was weak, I was a coward, I was stupid.”.

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Sending Houston for an abortion was a practice that Andrade also applied with María Raquenel Portillo “Mary Boquitas”, before doing it with Trevi.

Four years after the abortion she suffered, Trevi gave birth to her daughter Ana Dalaythe result of his relationship with his former manager.

The girl died suspiciously and the singer does not know where she was buried.

In 2002, while facing the crimes of corruption of minors, comparable rape and kidnapping, the singer of “Pelo Suelto” and “Zapatos Viejos” she gave birth to her son Ángel Gabriel in prison.

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