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The change of era, by Josep Maria Ruiz Simon

Our strawberry tree larvae have been living at home since the end of October. Pau recovered three little worms and a tiny egg from a strawberry tree that was in danger. We named them Tomàs, Olga, Josep M. and August. When he was about to moult, Tomàs died of parasitism. But the other three –August was born among us– have been growing, first on the balcony, where we planted a small strawberry tree in a pot, protected with cardboard and mosquito netting, and –when they had almost eaten it– in a larger one under a large protective structure, to avoid attacks by birds. When the frosts began we brought this second pot into the house, without the box, and it has been a magnificent distraction. We have seen them devour the leaves starting at the tip, with long passes up to the petiole. We have discovered that they like to eat at night: they leave the leaf where they spend the day and look for another, which disappears in a moment. The leaf that serves as their home and the path to and from the branches are covered in a white thread. The molt is impressive. They take off their skin like someone who takes off a coat, and their heads fall down, as if it were a mask.

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