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Was it Berlin or Athens? The quarterfinal match between Germany and Greece was decided in the caldera of the Mercedes Benz Arena and was played both on the track and in the stands. The German crowd was silenced at times by the boisterous Greek gang. In any case, everyone attended a huge match, the best in Eurosbasket so far. They beat Germany 107-96 and will face Spain in the semifinals on Friday. In that fight of titans, the Hellenic star Giannis Antetokounmpo ended up expelled with more than four minutes to go after adding two unsportsmanlike fouls, and after signing 31 points, seven rebounds and eight assists. Goodbye to Jokic, goodbye to Anteto. Doncic is left alone in Olympus. This Wednesday, Slovenia-Poland and France-Italy.

Germany, 57; Greece, 61. The result of the break could already be the end of the match. The two teams delivered a spectacular first half, unleashing the two attacks in a delightful exchange for the spectator but that surely tortured the coaches. Before 14,073 spectators, packed in the Berlin pavilion, the German orchestra stood up to Antetokounmpo’s display: 19 points, five rebounds and eight assists in that first half. The German set is a concrete block run by Schröder. He defends with the knife, runs and has many pieces connected in attack (Wagner, Theis, Obst…), with the point guard in command (26 points, eight assists).

The German machine soared after the break with a devastating run, 20-1, which left Greece unanswered. It was Anteto against the world, multiplying in every corner of the track. The Hellenic team did not score even with Calathes on the free throw line, a flan under his hoop. Only the blow of rage from the NBA star made up a partial that in the third quarter traveled to 26-10 for 83-71. The Milwaukee Bucks star grabbed the rebound, crossed the court and scored with a foul included. A cyclone against a wall.

Germany were unimpressed and Antetokounmpo ended up so lonely and unhinged that he even charged with a second unsportsmanlike foul and was sent off from the match. Free court for the host facing their duel against Spain.

Crosses of the final phase of the Eurobasket.

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