Gerard Piqué reveals all the details of his dark past in Spanish nightlife | The USA Print

Gerard Piqué reveals all the details of his dark past in Spanish nightlife

Gerard Piqué reveals all the details of his dark past in Spanish nightlife | The USA Print

The former FC Barcelona footballer and president of the Kings League, Gerard Piqué, is considered one of the most important figures in Spanish football. of the last 20 years thanks to his impressive sporting ability within the Blaugrana team; Despite this, he is also remembered for various extra-sports songs that he performed in his first years as a professional player.

What happens is that during a broadcast with the influencer Ibai Llanos, the 36-year-old defender decided to reveal all the details about the escapades he made when he was just 19 years old and still playing for Zaragoza; It was at that moment (and after his loan to Manchester United) that he managed to gain important continuity on the pitch that would later give him the necessary prominence to be an undisputed starter for the Blaugrana.

“In Zaragoza there was a hidden place, a small bar, there in the corner. Nobody saw you. It was called El Buscón, I don’t know if it still exists.. The Buscón. You don’t know what it was. He was a DJ and everything,” said Piqué in the streaming with the Spanish content creator and main partner of the Kings League.

“I was the owner, but from behind. He didn’t show his face, he wasn’t the front man, he was someone else and I was behind him. “I served drinks… I did everything there.” It’s just that Zaragoza… Zaragoza is Zaragoza, man. They were my first experiences…” he added.

The celebrations that the Catalan footballer held were never hidden from his fans and even the “clandestine party” that he held in an important venue in Catalonia together with several of his former FC Barcelona teammates in November 2022 became famous.

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Gerard Piqué remains immersed in controversy over his relationship with Clara Chía Martí, the woman for whom he abandoned the Colombian singer and mother of his children, Shakira; Since that moment he has dedicated himself to strengthening his new relationship and working to continue pushing the Kings League to new frontiers.

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