Gerard Piqué goes for revenge and prepares a lawsuit against Shakira for exposing his children after his last song | The USA Print

The former player planned to denounce Shakira for exposing his children.

The former player planned to denounce Shakira for exposing his children.

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The controversy behind the relationship between the Colombian singer Shakira and the former soccer player Gerard Piqué does not stop generating new information despite the fact that their separation occurred a couple of months ago; The event turned out to be so great that the Barranquilla woman even left the city of Barcelona to move to Miami (United States) and thus start a new life with her children.

Now during the latest edition of “El programa de Ana Rosa”, the journalist Antonio Rossi assured that the president of the Kings League had planned to denounce his former partner for exposing his children in the song “Acróstico”, the last single released by the South American as part of the series of songs in which Piqué’s betrayal stands out.

He has an ace up his sleeve. Apart from saying that Shakira will continue to do what she sees fit, without having to inform Piqué when you think you don’t have to inform him, how has this last case been, “said Rossi.

Despite these statements, the reporter assured that the former FC Barcelona player will not take this measure because the legal context in the United States is not the same as that of Spain and from the nation they do not consider what the Barranquillera did as a crime.

Piqué is not going to take legal action of course, first because it seems that the context in the United States is not the same as here“, added the collaborator of the Spanish television program

Second, because he does not want to start a legal dispute against the mother of his children, but in the event that things escalate. He has an ace up his sleeve to be able to show that it would affect Shakira’s image above all, “explained Rossi.

Being able to demonstrate that it has not favored the relationship of their children with the father. And he has it on WhatsApp, because it is in writing. A message that Shakira has written and that Piqué has and could use to damage Shakira’s image, where it would be clear that he did not want or pretended that they did not have a good relationship with the father, once the divorce began, “he concluded.

The truth is that it is still unknown if the Spaniard will look for some way to take legal action against Shakira, this while his video continues to add visits on social networks.

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