Georgina warms up for the premiere of the second season of her reality show with a spectacular red dress | Entertainment | The USA Print

Georgina warms up for the premiere of the second season of her reality show with a spectacular red dress

Georgina Rodríguez is experiencing one of the sweetest moments of her life. After adjusting to life in the United Arab Emirates after the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by Al-Nassr FC, the former Gucci employee is happy and very excited about the upcoming projects.

It has been a hectic few months for the young woman, since moving with several children and so many events and professional commitments is not an easy task. In addition, Cristiano’s wife has been recording the second season of his reality show I’m Georginawhich will arrive very soon on our screens.

The new batch of episodes about the life of the influencers will come to the platform streaming Netflix next Friday March 24, one year and two months after the launch of the first season. The businesswoman is very excited about re-entering the homes of millions of viewers and so she makes it visible on her social networks, where she shares all the information that Netflix releases. Due to the imminent launch of her series, Georgina is doing different shootings and campaigns, as she reveals in her latest publication where she looks stunning in a red dress.

The season 2 of the reality show focused on the life of the socialite will show the ins and outs of her day to day, from the most human and close version of Georgina to the most luxurious realities experienced by the wife of one of the best soccer players in history . In addition, this season will also delve further into Rodríguez’s love for fashion, haute couture and the different outfits and designs that he uses both in his day-to-day life and on special occasions.

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Naturalness, your great ally

Georgina is characterized by being a humble and close girl. She also attends a super exclusive event and uploads a story to Instagram for which she charges thousands of euros that uploads a selfies wearing a mask, sunbathing or doing something silly.

Being natural, spending time with her children and having a positive attitude with which she can live well and be happy despite being constantly in the media spotlight are some of the keys to Georgina Rodríguez’s success.