Gen V Teases “Super Inclusive” Colleges in New Trailer

Gen V Teases “Super Inclusive” Colleges in New Trailer

Two weeks left to return to the corrupt and violent world of The Boys – Gen V Teases “Super Inclusive” Colleges in New Trailer85%. With Gene V, short for Generation V, the franchise will finally take a new step that, hopefully, will expand the universe of this adaptation that has become a Prime Video star. In a new video, the series makes it clear that it is not going to take a step back in its mockery of institutional hypocrisy.

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In a new teaser, which takes the form of an advertisement for Godolkin University, Gene V mocks the inclusion policies of higher education schools. In the video, we can see a series of characters talk about how the institution takes great pride in how diverse its students are. We even see a character in a wheelchair say that he is “super capable.” All this to welcome the public to this new show.

What is Gen V, the spin-off of The Boys, about?

There are actually few details about the characters in the series. What is known from the synopsis is that we will follow a group of students who will have to compete, to the death, in a ranking that will give them a possible place in The Seven, the group of heroes sponsored by the sinister company Vought. But specifically about each of them, little has been said.

Gen V poster. (Credit: Prime Video)
Gen V poster. (Credit: Prime Video)

Gene V It will be a fairly free adaptation of some elements of the comics on which the original series is based. In the comics, there is a group of college students who have a very crazy fraternity, in sexual terms. This group comes into the protagonists’ crosshairs when a young man dies after possibly having been involved with them.

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This gives way to one of the funniest episodes in the comics, in which the group investigates the hero known as Tech Knight, who is one of the main suspects in that homicide. It has been confirmed that this character will have an appearance in the series and that he will be played by actor Derek Wilson. The character is a parody of Batman and Iron Man and has a boy named Laddio, a mockery of Robin.

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As for plans for a larger franchise, the showrunner of The Boys, Eric Kripke, has said that they have several ideas in mind, but they won’t move forward simply for the sake of expanding. They will only do it if they believe they can do something different with each delivery. Regarding Gen V, it has been said that he will also be a mockery of franchises like X-Men. Gen V Teases “Super Inclusive” Colleges in New Trailer81% and The Hunger Games – Gen V Teases “Super Inclusive” Colleges in New Trailer84%.

Gene V will arrive on Prime Video starting September 29. Cameos from some characters from the original series have been confirmed and also that the events of the show will take place before the fourth season of The Boys – Gen V Teases “Super Inclusive” Colleges in New Trailer85%, which was in development before the Hollywood strikes went into effect. So you have to enjoy it because it could take a while for the franchise to return.

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