“García Luna will live out the rest of his days as a traitor to his country,” says the Department of Justice | The USA Print

Genaro García Luna’s conviction has been hailed as a great triumph by US prosecutors. The Department of Justice, on which they report, has issued a statement stressing that, after being convicted of five crimes, he will receive a sentence of a minimum of 20 years in prison and a maximum of life imprisonment. But, beyond that, the accusation has charged him as “a traitor to his country” who received money “stained in blood” to protect the murderers he was supposed to pursue.

The statement from the Department of Justice of the United States collects the harsh words of Breon Peace, prosecutor for the Eastern District of New York, the jurisdiction before which Genaro García Luna, who was Secretary of Public Security of Mexico from 2006 to 2012, has been tried: “García Luna, who once at the pinnacle of law enforcement in Mexico, he will now live out the rest of his days having been branded a traitor to his country and to the honest members of law enforcement who risked their lives to dismantle the drug cartels. drugs,” Peace said.

And he added: “It is inconceivable that the defendant betrayed his duty as Secretary of Public Safety by greedily accepting millions of dollars in bribes stained with the blood of cartel wars and drug-related battles on the streets of the United States. and Mexico, in exchange for protecting the murderers and traffickers that he solemnly swore to investigate. Today’s verdict is a shining light for the rule of law, right over wrong, and justice over injustice for all those who have suffered as a result of the defendant’s deplorable crimes.”

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Along the same lines, the head of the DEA, the United States anti-drug agency, Anne Milgram, has stated: “Today’s conviction of Genaro García Luna clearly demonstrates that the DEA will stop at nothing to prosecute corrupt political officials who They engage in drug trafficking and violence,” he said. “This case reaffirms the DEA’s dedication to pursuing and bringing to justice those who enable the Sinaloa criminal cartel to flood the United States with deadly drugs that are killing Americans at unprecedented rates. It should send a clear message — to all political leaders around the world who trade positions of influence to further transnational organized crime — that the DEA will relentlessly pursue drug trafficking organizations that threaten the safety and health of the American people.” it is finished.

As has been shown throughout the four weeks of the trial, the defendant used his official positions to help the violent Sinaloa drug cartel in exchange for millions of dollars in bribes. García Luna’s conduct included facilitating the safe passage of cartel drug shipments, providing sensitive information about law enforcement investigations into the cartel, and assisting the Sinaloa group in attacking rival drug organizations, thus facilitating the importing multi-ton quantities of cocaine and other drugs into the United States.

A federal jury in Brooklyn found him guilty Tuesday of drug-related law violations, conspiracy to internationally distribute cocaine, conspiracy to distribute and possess cocaine with intent to distribute, conspiracy to import cocaine, and making false statements.

Evidence has included testimony from former high-ranking members of the Sinaloa Cartel with direct knowledge of the defendant’s corrupt activities. García Luna had federal police act as bodyguards and escorts for the cartel, allowing its members to wear police uniforms and insignia, and helped unload shipments of cocaine from planes at the Mexico City airport, then delivered the cocaine to the sign. García Luna collected money in bundles of up to $10,000 in 100-dollar bills stuffed into suitcases, briefcases, and duffel bags. The amounts of the bribes increased over the years as the Sinaloa cartel grew in size and power thanks to the help of the now convicted.

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“Criminal organizations cannot function at the level of the Sinaloa drug cartel without the support of corrupt politicians and officials like Genaro García Luna, who help and abet them. García Luna, a trusted public official, used his official position to help this violent drug cartel in exchange for millions of dollars in bribes,” said Iván J. Arvelo, special agent in charge of the Security Investigations department. New York National.

Arvelo stresses that corrupt officials like Garcia Luna create a dangerous working environment for US law enforcement, who often share sensitive information with the Mexican government to stem the flow of dangerous narcotics into the United States. “García Luna not only betrayed his office, his people and his country, but his actions facilitated the importation of tons of illegal drugs into the United States,” added the special agent.

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