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Las estadísticas apuntan a que puedes ganar uno de cada 12 raspaditos que compres.

Statistics suggest that you can win one in every 12 Scratch-Offs you buy.

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A former homeless person in California won $5 million in the lottery with a scratch-off ticket.

The California Lottery announced in a statement on Wednesday that, after leaving his homeless situation, life seemed to have rewarded Lucia Forseth for her resilience.

In 2017, the woman suffered poverty from the street. Currently and after leaving that battle, Forseth was the winner with the millionaire figure through a “Scratchers” ticket.

I bought a single ticketForseth declared to the lottery. “I closed my eyes and chose that one, and I won! At first I thought I had won a free ticket.; But I checked and it said he had won $5 million!” she added.

Forseth purchased his “2023 Scratchers” at Walmart Supercenter in Pittsburghin Contra Costa County.

The woman he had gone to the establishment for an oil change in his carso immediately scratched off the card on the outside of the site.

“Six years ago, I was homeless. This year I’m getting married, I’m getting my associate’s degree, and I made $5 million.“Revealed the player. “You never think you’ll have a chance to win. It’s random. Being homeless just six years ago, I never thought this would happen to someone like me.”

Forseth’s plan is to buy a house and invest the rest of the fortune.

“The sole mission of the California Lottery is to raise additional money for public education, and this is only possible with the support of our players,” said Lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Becker. “Hearing a success story like this shows the positive impact of our games on the winners as well as the schools,” she added.

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