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Ana Obregón in 'Team A'

If you can boast of something Ana Obregon – apart from her impeccable professional career – she is one of the few celebrities on the social scene in our country who needs no introduction. Elegant in each of her appearances, Ana is one of those people who can boast of her versatility: actress, dancer, presenter, writer, screenwriter and graduate in Biology from the Complutense University of Madrid. There is little that Ana can resist. Obregón has made headlines with his professional projects, but also with his personal experiences. Today this ‘celebrity’ turns 68, and she does it at a good time, despite having recently gone through the worst years of her life.

The truth is that in every project in which Obregón usually participates, it ends in success. A life like that of the woman from Madrid could not go unreported, so the team responsible for Tell me, Grupo Ganga, announced last year that it is preparing a series about his professional career. Ana was one of the first Spanish actresses capable of conquering the interpretive market on the other side of the pond. She did it with her interpretation in Bolero (1984), together with the sex symbol of the time, Bo Derek; also with her role as Marta in The A-Team (1986), rubbing shoulders with great faces on the film scene such as Robert DeNiro or Steven Spielberg. At that time, he sported a wavy and brown hair, unlike his current and characteristic blonde.

Ana Obregón in ‘Team A’

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After a decade focused on cinema, he was finally making his leap to the small screen. This definitely marked her career. In the 1980s, Ana became one of the most popular faces on television. It was thanks to programs like Like Pedro for his house either What do we bet?, a program that made her a true superstar. The latter and its success catapulted her towards the Chimes, which she presented for the first time in 1994, then in 1995 and also in 2004. A space in which we have seen her on numerous occasions, the last one, in those of this past 2022.

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Ana Obregón in 'What do we bet'

Ana Obregón in ‘What do we bet’

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Although her good work as a presenter was remarkable, her passion for acting made her continue her professional career. She participated in series like Hostal Royal Manzanares (1996) or at eleven at home (1998). However, she achieved the unthinkable after taking a risk and trying her luck as a screenwriter with a project in which she herself starred: Anne and the Seven (2007). A series loosely based on Smiles and tears for which nobody seemed to bet, but which became one of the great fictional successes on television at the time. A series that was not without controversy, since it even took it to court to denounce that the producers changed the end of the fiction without consulting it.


Ana Obregón in ‘Ana and the Seven’

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After this great disappointment, Ana withdrew from acting in series, but returned to appear on television, in programs such as Look who is dancing! or in the movies the gaze of the other (2007) or a cameo in ‘Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis’ (2011). She has also been seen as a magnificent host of events, and also in some sporadic appearances on programs where she has been interviewed.

As for his looks As far as he is concerned, there is no doubt that Obregón’s style has changed with the passage of time. The presenter is now in her best stylistic moment, in which she has wanted to continue fighting for sensuality to show that sexy clothes do not understand age. Ana has always been characterized by pronounced necklines and silhouettes. bombshell, and has been able to adapt what have been his style keys to a new stage. Undoubtedly, a clear example of his good taste in fashion and her elegance.

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MADRID, 01/01/2023.- The actress and presenter Ana Obregón poses with the white design inspired by the 50s, created by the designer Rubén Hernández, with whom she has broadcast the bells on RTVE's La 1 together with Los Morancos.  EFE/ Alfin Producciones/Jesús Cordero EDITORIAL USE ONLY/ONLY AVAILABLE TO ILLUSTRATE THE ACCOMPANYING NEWS (MANDATORY CREDIT)

Ana Obregón for the chimes this year, with a design by Rubén Hernández

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In recent years, his professional career has inevitably been interrupted by one of the worst episodes of his life. Her son, Aless Lequio – the result of her relationship with Alessandro Lequio – was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very aggressive cancer that caused the presenter to drop everything to focus solely and exclusively on the young man’s recovery. Unfortunately, the young man ended up passing away on May 13, 2020, at the age of 27. Since then, Ana has gone through one of the most complicated moments in her life, which has worsened after saying goodbye to her, also a few months after her parents, Ana María Obregón and Antonio García.


Ana Obregón with her son Aless Lequio

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Despite all these hard moments, Ana does not lose her characteristic smile. The projects that she has in hand now are helping her move forward. After having fulfilled her son’s dream with the Aless Lequio Foundation, which raises funds for cancer research and diagnosis, the actress will also bring to light the book who has written about the young man’s story, which was started by himself and which, unfortunately, he could not finish. Because if there is something that moves Ana towards the future, it is to fulfill the dreams of her Aless.