From Despierta América, Jessica Rodríguez, introduces her boyfriend Freddy | The USA Print

Jessica Rodríguez, conductora de Despierta América, junto a su novio.

The co-host of “Wake up America” (TelevisaUnivision), Jessica Rodriguez, introduces her boyfriend Freddy for the first time and exclusively and shares what it was like that first night when they met, as well as what makes them fall in love with each other the most.

Jess, you’re in great company, introduce us to your boyfriend… Super, super good company, well, it’s the first time we’ve done anything in front of cameras, so there’s always a first time for everything, right, my love?

“Always,” says Freddy.

Tell us, how did you meet? A friend we have in common introduced us and it was a very crazy night, because I think Freddy didn’t know they were tying us.

“No, I didn’t know, they told her everything, I had no idea,” says Freddy.

“Exactly, and when I arrived he didn’t pay much attention to me and I was like, hello!” Jessica recalls.

How am I going to think that such a beautiful woman is going to pay attention to me?

So I suddenly got upset. I said ‘oh no! But this is not for dancing’; he’s not paying attention to me, but in the end, we ended up like, at the end of the night we ended up talking and we had a great time and it was super fast from there.

“We haven’t stopped talking and having a good time.”


Freddy What makes you fall in love with Jessica?

Oh, the strength he has! She inspires people, very determined, and she is a beautiful person. You don’t see it, but she does something nice for someone every day without anyone seeing it or anything, she is just… Big, big heart! I love you!

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Thanks aww! How nice! Oh! Freddy is the best, he is my best support, he is a person who has been unconditional with me since day one, I have a great time, he is my best friend », Jessica says about her boyfriend.

“I think that in recent years I have had a lot of growth, but that also comes with a lot of responsibility, stress, and Freddy is like my escape. When I feel very overwhelmed and I have a lot of hustle and bustle, he is the person who makes me smile 100 percent and who makes me forget sometimes the things that make you stressed ”, he concludes.

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