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Sammis Reyes jugo con los Washington Commanders.

Although Chilean Sammis Reyes’ sports career developed in basketball, this year he has taken a tremendous turn when he was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars to play the 2023 season.

From childhood his dream was always to play in the NBAand in his growth he stood out in several basketball teams in Santiago.

In In 2010 he traveled to the United States during a tour with the Chilean U-15 team. There he was recruited by local recruiters, and they offered him a scholarship to attend Westlake Prep, a school in the Miami metropolitan area.

There he began his career and began to consolidate himself in the sport of small board. At that time he never thought about playing American football.

Before becoming an NFL prospect, the 6-foot-10 tight end excelled in basketball, and even He came to wear the shirt of the Chilean team.

with selection participated in the 2011 FIBA ​​Under-16 Americas Championship and the qualifiers for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2019.

After Chile did not qualify for the 2019 FIBA ​​World Cup decided to end his career as a basketball player and began working as a coach of that sport. However, the Covid-19 pandemic prevented her from continuing his work.

Due to their physical condition, many people They advised him to play American football, but he refused because he believed that the injuries he could suffer from practicing it would leave him out of the dream of playing in the NBA.

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He finally decided to give himself the chance and was accepted into the International Player Pathway Program from the NFL as a tight end prospect. There he spent 10 weeks training until he managed to participate in Pro Day.

In 2021 he played 11 games for Washington as a starter on their special teams.

Despite his strong performance with Washington in 2021, left the team after sustaining a hamstring injury that kept it long in the dry dock.

Jacksonville Jaguars is coached by Doug Pederson, who will face his second season at the helm of the team.

On the course of 2023 Jaguars They will be the first NFL team to play two consecutive regular season games. outside of the United States.

For week four, on October 1, he will play at London’s Wembley Stadium with the Atlanta Falcons.

In week five, on the 8th, they will face the Buffalo Bills at the Tottenham Hotspur Staium, also in London.

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