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Friends and family say goodbye to Benito Castro in the garden pantheon

With cheers and applause from his family and friends, who above all thanked him for the love he shared with them, Benito Castro was buried in the garden pantheon this Wednesday morning, in the same crypt as his parents.

The actor received his last ovation two days after his death, while his coffin was lowered and his daughter Deborah played the last songs he recorded and which remained unreleased in the background.

At 10:00 a.m., a carriage with the coffin left the funeral home where the singer was also kept awake for two days. The family went in a caravan to say their last goodbye.

“You are with your mom and we are all with you. A little piece of all of us goes with you. Thank you for the teachings, for the affection, for the laughter! We enjoy every show, every sketch, at Papiringo.

“You gave us plenty. Thank you for inheriting so much from us. We love you forever. Thank you, rest in peace, eternal light, “said his son, Benito Castro Jr., in front of the tombstone.

Both Benito Castro Jr. and his sister Deborah held flowers in their hands to honor him one last time. The family affirmed to the media present that they are more united than ever and do not think about having confrontations of any kind over inheritances..

“It is very difficult to be here and not cry. When my grandmother died, I was very young, we were here and you told me: ‘Don’t cry, your grandmother is here, she is watching us and she wants us to be happy.’

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“I know you want us to be happy and together, that’s how we are. We are going to fulfill everything we promised you, as you wanted. Thank you, thank you, come back stop!”, said her daughter goodbye.

His wife Deborah thanked him for all the years they were together, while hugging their daughter. After that, he started a cheer and the family wished him well.

A couple of fans also joined the applause, who attended with vinyl records of the Castro Brothers.

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