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For six months, Frank Rubio has lived in outer space. But he could spend a year orbiting the Earth due to a failure in his ship.

The mission that Frank Rubio performs is to attend to various control tasks on the ISS, although his extended passage through outer space could mean a record of permanence.

for six months, Frank Rubio inhabit outer space. But it could have been orbiting for a year The earth due to a failure in his ship.

The mission that Frank Rubio performs, is to attend to various control tasks in the ISS, although its extended passage through outer space could mean a record of permanence.

Of Salvadoran parents, but born in the United States, the 47 year old astronaut He predicts that new opportunities will come for his colleagues of Latin origin.

This research project in low earth orbit, specifically in the International Space Stationmeans Rubio’s first flight for the POT.

Frank Rubio / Image: NASA

After five years of preparation and two of research, the also flight surgeonwas elected in 2017, standing out among more than 18,000 candidates.

To be part of the crew on board the Russian ship Soyuz, Rubio also had to learn Russian and fly in a T-38 supersonic aircraft on regular basis.

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In an interview for the chain univisionspoke from the ISS, no less than 250 miles from The earth.

“Spanish helped me a lot to learn Russian,” said the American whose mother tongue is English. However, he speaks perfect Spanish thanks to his parents.

It is important to clarify that does not travel, alone. He is accompanied by his colleagues from the country in Eastern Europe, who had to learn English.

It’s about Russian cosmonauts Sergei Prokopievcommander of the tribulation 68 of the ISS, and Sergey Petelin.

Who, in turn, joined three other Russians and the astronauts of the POT Bob Hines, Kjell Lindgren and Jessica Watkins.

Without forgetting the astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) Samantha Cristoforetti.

Astronauts Frank Rubio and Zena Cardman

In the conversation he had with Univision, the cosmonaut shared: “If I return sooner -to Earth- I will be happy to be with my family.”

This, as a remote possibility of an early return. However, he asserted that the refrigerant leak in the capsule soyuz It is what has prevented his return.

Rubio became, on September 21 of last year, the twelfth Hispanic to reach the ERA.

Come home and keep your feet on the ground

Given his current residence and the possibility of extending his stay, he said that his family has always supported him and is very positive.

He remembered with special affection the words of his mother, who always told him that “everything would be fine.”

By way of reflection, he acknowledged that it is still difficult for him to get used to gravity and that

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“You have to learn to keep your feet glued to the ground.”

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Other scientific studies that are carried out on the Space Station are crops hydroponics and aeroponicsof great relevance for the future.

With them, it seeks to analyze whether food can be increased for future expeditions to the Moon and the Planet Mars.

“These types of experiments serve to find out how plants grow,” he said. Well, the ultimate goal is to achieve self-sufficiency in space.

Other topics of study are microgravity and its impact on the human body, which could yield new data, especially if it remains in orbit for about a year.

Puerto Rican goes to NASA as an astronaut candidate

Before saying goodbye, he sent words of affection for Miamihost city of Univision 23.

And commented to the meteorologist javier serranohe love it “people and food” of the city in Florida.

Finally, he said that he exercises every day to prevent loss of bone mass.

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