Francisca, for her second pregnancy, aims not to repeat the mistakes she made with her son Gennaro | The USA Print

Francisca, for her second pregnancy, aims not to repeat the mistakes she made with her son Gennaro | The USA Print

Francisca, renowned host of Despierta América on Univisiónspoke with Mezcal TV and talked about her experience as a new mother with her son Gennaro, reflections that have led her to accept that she made mistakes, which now in her second pregnancy, she definitely does not want to repeat.

To start the conversation, about her maternity with Gennaro, the driver recalled some of the “hazing” she had with her firstborn and has accepted that for this second pregnancy she will not make mistakes like buying so many things for the baby. “With the first one, you buy everything, you buy so many clothes and in the end I still have Gennaro’s clothes with labels, because I didn’t even have time to use it because it grows very fast and changes very quickly.”

Francisca with Gennaro
Francisca with Gennaro. /Univision
Credit: Wake Up America | univision

The Dominican has also recognized that providing all the material, necessary, to the children is important, but at the end of the day the care and love with which they are taught and educated has much more value. It is important to understand that they need mom to take care of them, feed them, put them to sleep, change their diaper…

At the end, she also remembered that at baby showers many friends and relatives give babies clothes, which is why she has chosen not to lose objectivity in this type of purchase, not to let emotions win over her.

About Gennaro’s dream, that is, his dream process, this was what he had to share: “No, I didn’t have a challenge. Well, the same is still going on once in a while getting up at dawn, but I have been very judicious in making him a routine”.

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“I’ve always had little advice from my mom, from some friends that I’ve followed, and it’s like I wasn’t really one of those who maybe would get up” dial “to put my finger on his nose to see if he was breathing, little things not that way; but I do stay watching him for a long time and that kind of thing, but I feel that the same thing will happen to me with the second baby because those are little things that come from love ”.

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