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Francisca decides to end the mystery and reveals the day on which she will tell the sex of the baby she is expecting.

This weekend the television host Francisca shared new content on the camera’s social network, where it has more than four million followers, and it was in the month of August when it confirmed that it is in the sweet wait, while exclusively for People en Español expressed the month in which she will give birth to the new member of the family.

The team of the aforementioned media outlet at that time went to the Dominican woman’s home, where they not only interviewed her, they also did a beautiful family photo session, but He never revealed the sex because apparently he didn’t know.

However, this Sunday she decided to pose with her husband Francesco Zampogna, while he holds a pink balloon with his mouth and she holds a much larger blue one. She in turn detailed that the next Monday, September 18, the sex of the new member will be revealed on Univision. For this reason, he made an invitation so that they do not miss the program.

What team are you? Girl or boy? Tomorrow at @despiertamerica we will reveal it!!!! What a thrill! “Don’t miss it!” was the message that accompanied the publication made in the application.

“This time I say girl”, “I am TEAM GIRL…. I’m bringing her Minnie ears!”, “Whatever, but don’t let the pilot of the plane crash or die,” “Girl, this belly is very different from the other one, this is a girl,” “This time it will be a girl and they will have a couple”, “I’m not going to say anything, but there will be signs”, “How beautiful, love blooms on their happy faces”, “I think the girl is coming”, “Omg! How exciting, I’m team Girl”, “We want a mini Fran”, “I’m so excited to want to know now”, “The signs on the dress inform us”, “They already know it’s a girl”, “The blue balloon is very big”. “So he’s a boy,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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