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El hombre también dijo que se necesita una mayor regulación por parte del gobierno para controlar el precio de la fórmula para bebés para que las madres no tengan que robar.

The man also said more government regulation is needed to control the price of baby formula so mothers don’t have to steal.

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A man named Brandon posted a video on TikTok where he said he used to work for Walmart at the front door, his job being to greet customers and check their receipts on the way out. The man confessed that when he noticed that some people were stealing baby formula, he would say nothing and let them take the product.

Brandon would review purchase receipts to make sure the customer’s merchandise quantity matched the amount paid. AND This is where he noticed that some parents brought baby formula that they had not paid for..

“Any time I would see a customer, mostly a woman, when I would check the receipt and see Pampers or baby formula that wasn’t on the receipt, I used to tell them have a great day,” Brandon said.

Brandon went on to say that Walmart didn’t give him any incentive to accuse mothers of theft. “We didn’t really get rewarded for the number of things we caught people stealing,” Brandon said, noting that this was also the job of security workers.

In another video where he talked about the same topic, Brandon said stealing was wrong, but defended himself by saying that moms steal baby formula because they have problems. much bigger.

The man also said more government regulation is needed to control the price of baby formula and called for lawmakers to make baby formula tax-exempt.

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