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Nick Maimer murió durante los combates registrados en Bakhmut.

Nick Maimer was killed during the fighting in Bakhmut.

Photo: BO AMSTRUP/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP / Getty Images

A former US Army special forces soldier, who traveled to Ukraine to help train troops to face the Russian invasion, has been killed in the besieged city of Bakhmut.confirmed his family.

Former Green Beret, Nick Maimeran Idaho man and 20-year veteran of the military, had been teaching English in Europe in 2022, when Russia launched its “military special operation” in Ukraine.

For its part, the Wagner Group of Russian mercenaries boasted of having killed Maimer during the fighting in Bakhmut, but his family later confirmed his death to The Idaho Statesman.

According to the outlet, Maimer’s uncle, Paul, identified the body seen in a video shared by the Wagner founderYevgeny Prigozhin, like that of his nephew.

According to the outlet, Maimer had felt a “call” to help Ukrainians defend themselves against one of “the most blatantly unjust invasions in recent history.”

That is why the 45-year-old former Green Beret arrived in Ukraine in May 2022 and, according to a video he posted on Facebookit was proposed not to participate in combat, but to help train Ukrainian troops.

“I was in Poland when the war started, and as a retired soldier with a lot of experience, I knew I could come help them. But I didn’t necessarily want to fight, because I have a lot of specific training in foreign military training,” he said in the video.

For her part, Maimer’s aunt, Cheri, he told The Daily Beast that the family supported their trip to Ukraine to help them defend against Russian forces.

She said it had been difficult to keep in close contact with him given his location, but that the family had made a point to check his Facebook profile to ensure he was still active and alive.

Upon arrival in Ukraine, Maimer had briefly linked up with the Mozart Group, a private military company made up of Western volunteers with military experience.

Unfortunately, Maimer lost his life, his family reported to the media, and although there are no details of his death, it is known that he died in the city of Bakhmut.

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