For those over 17, some uses are declining: tobacco, alcohol or cannabis while others are skyrocketing | The USA Print

I’survey 2022 on the health and behavior of 17-year-olds participating in the defense and citizenship day (JDC) reveals a continuous decline in the use of tobacco, alcohol and cannabissince 2014. However, health indicators have improved gradients in these young people. Although the significant occasional alcoholizations are high, a change in perception among the new generations of adolescents seems to be the cause of this decline. In fact, more and more teenagers never drank alcohol, less than 50% of 17-year-olds have experimented with tobacco, and the proportion of daily smokers has also decreased. In addition, cannabis use has also declined (Source 1).

Electronic cigarettes on the rise despite a general decline in risky behavior

Despite these encouraging results, the increase in the use of electronic cigarettes, persistent social inequalities and declining health status among 17-year-olds are issues of concern. Indeed, levels of drug use are superior among young people in apprenticeships and those who have left the school systemand e-cigarette use has increased among teenage girls, raising questions about its targeted marketing.

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