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The Florida House of Representatives approved this Friday a bill extends taxpayer-funded school bonds for private school tuition to all students in the state, a measure that, if passed in the current Legislature, would go against public education, a teachers’ organization has warned.

Under HB 1, passed by the Florida House of Congress in a vote of 83-27, this measure would provide private school tuition vouchers to all Florida students, not just those from low-income families .

According to what was disclosed this Friday by various local media, the bonds would be for $8,000 and would come from the treasury.

Low-income families will have priority; but, according to billany family whose children reside in Florida and are between the ages of kindergarten and grade 12 may apply.

The measure includes parents of children who practice “homeschooling” (teaching at home), who can obtain money for educational supplies or tutors.

“The Florida model takes into account the unique learning needs of each child to provide education by empowering parents and students to choose the best way to achieve their educational goals, regardless of zip code, race or income,” he said. Republican Paul Renner, Speaker of the state House of Representatives.

According to the media WPTV 5 reported this Friday, the opponents of the billMostly Democrats argue the measure will divert money from public schools and subsidize Private educationessentially helping the rich get even richer.

“This bill is an $8,000 gift card for millionaires and billionaires who receive a state-sponsored coupon for something they can already afford,” Democratic Congresswoman Marie Woodson criticized.

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For its part, in a statement, the teachers’ union of the Florida Education Association (FEA) criticized the measure, saying that it is a “terrible idea.”

“By choosing to pass a bill of universal vouchers, certain legislators have chosen to drain the money from the public schools that educate nearly 90% of our state’s students,” the statement reads.

According to the organization, “Florida already ranks 44th in the nation in spending per student in our neighborhood public schools. The state has a critical and growing shortage of teachers and staff, including bus drivers, paraprofessionals, nurses, and counselors.” of mental health”.

“Our children will pay the price of HB 1,” predicted the FEA.

He bill now it needs the support of the Senate, also with a Republican majority, to reach the hands of the governor, Ron DeSantis, who has promised to sign the bond expansion.

According to the media, a favorable vote from the upper house on a similar proposal, SB 202, is expected in the coming weeks.

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