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El caimán resultó ser una figura de arena.

The alligator turned out to be a sand figure.

Photo: Treasure Island Police Department / Courtesy

Florida police went to a beach to capture what appeared to be a large alligator, but it was soon discovered to be a lifelike sand sculpture.

“Crickey! Look at the size of that alligator one of our officers tried to corral at Treasure Island Beach last night,” the Treasure Island Police Department wrote to post a photo of the fake alligator on your Twitter account.

“Ok, it wasn’t a real alligator, it was just a handmade sand sculpture,” the department added in its social media post.

The photograph shows an officer rummaging through the fake reptile’s tail. and discovering that it was actually a rather well designed sand sculpture.

In addition, the police recalled the care that must be taken when assembling figures in the sand, this due to the nesting of turtles.

“We love talented people creating works of art in the sand, but since it’s turtle nesting season, remember to smash the sandcastles/sculptures before you go. The sea turtles will thank you,” the Twitter post added.

Alligators are native to Florida and are an integral part of the state’s ecosystem. While they are fascinating creatures, it is important to recognize that they can be dangerous and should be treated with caution.

It’s important to remember that while alligator attacks are rare, they do happen; last April 14, a Florida man was attacked by an alligator while strolling through the Titusville RV parklocated in Brevard County.

According to reports, the victim, whose identity was not revealed, was surprised by the alligator, which bit him on one of his legs repeatedly.

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