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While he was in Paris to promote his new film “ The Son Hugh Jackamn, who many know as superhero Logan, aka Wolverine, opened up about his health issues. The Australian actor is now committed to the fight against skin cancer since he himself suffered several times.

I had five facial cancers, the least dangerous form, fortunately… that’s the problem with English skin raised in Australia! “, he said to our colleagues from Parisian(source 1). “ When I was young, I never put on sunscreen, I got sunburned, I peeled, I got sunburned again in the same place, and so on. At the time, we had less of a reflex to protect ourselves. Except that the consequences of too long exposure to the sun only appear twenty-five years later… “, lamented the Australian actor.

Last August, when he announced to his subscribers on Instagram that he had undergone yet another biopsy for analysis, the actor invited everyone to be extremely vigilant. “ I know I’m repeating myself, but I’ll probably never stop doing it… Check your skin and put on sunscreen. […] If by posting this, I push a single person to go see their dermatologist, I would be satisfied “, he had written as a caption to his video.

I haven’t had anything for five years, but my doctor assures me that it will come back, even if I now avoid exposing myself added Hugh Jackman to the Parisian.

Hugh Jackman discovered his first skin cancer in 2013 while filming an X-Men movie. It would be a make-up artist who would have spotted a strange anomaly on the actor’s nose, which would have led him to consult without delay. The actor has since undergone five surgeries.

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