First in France: the town hall of Saint-Ouen sets up menstrual leave | The USA Print

Karim Bouamrane wants to lead by example. The socialist mayor of Saint-Ouen announced, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, that from March 27, employees of the town hall of the city suffering from endometriosis or painful periods will be able to ask up to ‘To two days offupon presentation of a medical certificate.

This menstrual leave is a first in France. From this date, the women concerned will have the possibility of choosing between teleworking, taking two days off or adjusting their schedule, “without any waiting days being deducted from them”. According to the Ministry of Health, 10% of French women suffer from endometriosisthis disease is now recognized as a long-term condition.

A strong decision

“Of the 2,000 people who work for the city, 60% are women. It was while discussing with them that I realized that half suffered in silence. A subject put aside if not taboo. We had to take strong decisions to relieve them”, explained the city councilor in a press release. A measure welcomed by a city agent: “It’s very good for women who have been suffering for years when no one talks about it”, reports BFM.

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