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Files Lawsuit Against Maryland Gun Control Law

The National Rifle Association (NRA) began a lawsuit on Tuesday before a federal court in Maryland shortly after the state’s Democratic governor, Wes Moore, signed into law a law that tightens the controls for the possession of firearms.

The new law prohibits a person from carrying or transporting a firearm within certain locations without authorization from the site owner, including schools, government buildings and certain health care facilities.

Maryland already had some of the strictest use and carry schemes in the country,” the company said in a statement. NRAan organization with some five million members that lobbies for the unrestricted possession and carrying of firearms.

“Now, in order to carry (a gun) legally, Marylanders must go through a cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive process to get a permit that, however, does not allow them to carry (the gun) anywhere in the state,” added.

The demandpresented by the State Rifle and Pistol Association of Maryland -local branch of the NRA– together with a gunsmith, describes the law as “unconstitutional” and states that it “further restricts where a respectful citizen of the law and with a carry permit you can exercise your right to carry a weapon for personal defense”.

For his part, the state’s attorney general, Anthony Brown, said that with this legislation, “Maryland remains at the forefront of everything we can do to ensure that we keep guns in the hands of law-abiding owners, and out of the hands of those who don’t have to own guns in Maryland.

DJ Spiker, director at Maryland of legislative work of the NRAasked “Who is going to submit to all those paperwork? And who is not going to worry about where the possession is legal? The criminals.”

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“This law only prevents law-abiding people from exercising their rights,” he added.

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