FIFAGate: They ask that the former president of Conmebol convicted in the US be transferred to Paraguay | The USA Print

FIFAGate: They ask that the former president of Conmebol convicted in the US be transferred to Paraguay | The USA Print

Juan Ángel Napout (D), former president of Conmebol.

Juan Ángel Napout (D), former president of Conmebol.

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Relatives of the former president of Conmebol, the Paraguayan Juan Ángel Napout, who is serving a sentence in a New York prison in the framework of the “FIFAGate” scandal, They asked the United States authorities that the former leader complete the sentence in his countryas reported this Thursday by the sister of the convicted person, Virginia Napout.

The sister of the former South American soccer leader told ABC Cardinal radio that his family sent a letter to the US ambassador to Paraguay, Marc Ostfield, asking for his help so that Napout can be operated on in his country for an eye problem that has affected him for two years.

Napout “has been suffering from serious eye problems, specifically cataracts in both eyes, which require surgery.”reads the note sent to the US ambassador, signed by Teresa Barreto and Karin Föster, the mother and wife of the former leader, respectively.

We humbly request your good offices to grant him the right to serve said sentence close to his family. and have better medical treatment, specifically cataract surgery so as not to lose sight”, reads the note, published on the website of the ABC newspaper.

In April 2022, the Government of Paraguay made an official request for the transfer measure of Napout to be applied to that nation within the framework of the Inter-American Convention for the Servicing of Criminal Sentences Abroad, but “So far,” says the family of the Paraguayan, “there has been no concrete or positive response” from the United States.

“We believe it is an eminently humanitarian issue, with which one cannot be indifferent,” he added.

The former leader of South American soccer, who was arrested in Switzerland in December 2015 and transferred to the US that same month, He was sentenced along with other Conmebol leaders for conspiring to commit organized crime and for electronic fraud.

The US Justice held him responsible for have pocketed at least $3.3 million in bribes paid by companies to get the rights to international tournamentswhich would have promised him payments totaling almost $25 million.

For these crimes he was sentenced in 2018 to nine years in prison.

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