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The strategist was separated from the Eagles of Club América.

The strategist was separated from the Eagles of Club América.

The strategist was separated from the Eagles of Club América.

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Rayados de Monterrey does not want to waste time for the Liga MX Apertura 2023 tournament after just finishing the Clausura 2023for which they have already announced the hiring of the new technical director who will guide them with the firm objective of being able to become the new Aztec football champions after the serious defeat they suffered in the semifinals.

This is the Argentine strategist Fernando Ortiz, who recently announced his departure from the Águilas of Club América for losing for the third consecutive year in the semifinal of Liga MX; The most serious detail of this event is that on this occasion he was defeated by Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara, the main rival of the Coapa team.

The information was released by the team through its account on the social network Twitter as part of what will be the change in strategy of the squad after the dismissal of Víctor Manuel Vucetich by José Antonio ‘Tato’ Noriega.

Let us remember that the decision to dismiss Vucetich is due to the performance that the team showed in the semifinal against the UANL Tigers despite having remained the absolute leaders of the entire regular season of the Clausura 2023 tournament of Liga MX, for which the board was hopeful of reaching the title.

Fernando Ortiz’s contract as technical director of ‘La Pandilla’ will be for a period of two seasons with the purpose that you can implement your knowledge during the next tournaments and achieve the objectives set.

Ortiz achieved a total of 34 points in charge of the Águilas del América during the regular season, remaining six points behind Rayados de Monterrey, for which the club’s board of directors considered that he was the right person to take the position in the dock.

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