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Barcelona seems to pluck a daisy when it plays, now yes and now no, spectacle or embarrassment, typhoon or shivering, show time or bird Irregular in their basketball, the team is capable of the best and the worst, a constant throughout the course, and they demonstrated it again in the Fenerbahçe pavilion. It so happened that on this occasion the cross came out again -for the first time in the course he has three consecutive defeats after those of Casademont Zaragoza and Olympiacos-, which makes the team get entangled to get the home court factor in the qualifiers prior to the Final Four in the pocket.

Hurt in their pride, upset because the team is unable to erase the doubts about their basketball and ability to claim a European throne that has resisted them since 2010 -even though they scratched their pockets from the sports area-, Barça began the duel against Fenerbahçe like a cyclone, indoor basketball as electric as it is tuned, a score with Mirotic and Laprovittola as conductors. The usual. The same thing that happened, without going any further, in the last duel against Olympiacos. But then, as is also often the case in Saras Jasikevicius’s team, he wasted the comfortable income from points to twist his arm and gesture. The team lacks mordant, bad temper, authority to impose its law from foot to foot. In Turkey, however, he seemed to renounce his status as slimeball. She just seemed like it.

Although Vesely missed the first shot at the basket, perhaps still overwhelmed by the tribute that was paid to him before the match on the pitch – he wore the Fenerbahçe jersey for six seasons and lifted the European Cup – the rest of the starting five went into combustion, effervescence irrepressible that the rival could not stop even with timeouts. Four out of five triples, Laprovittola and Mirotic as gunners, in addition to the penetrations of Kalinic and Satoransky in front of a plasticine defense. An ode to attack that broke down the idea of ​​permanent defensive changes for a disoriented Fenerbahçe, who shrugged their shoulders after the first quarter (18-30). All but one, for Wilbekin was gritting his teeth and clenching his fists, reluctant to drop his arms prematurely. Foreman of the attacks, dealer of sweets (especially to a Guduric inspired to the point of being unable) or sniper, the North American point guard gradually eroded Barca’s confidence, reminding him that demonstrations of power are not his thing. A whole Barca disaster of shrunken hands, wrinkled wrists and loss of faculties against the rival physical defense. So from what could be to what was, there was a world. 37-40 at halftime, a sad three-point lead after going 17 in the first quarter.

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“We start a new game,” Jasikevicius resolved after the intermission. And although Barcelona was encouraged by the Czech connection -Satoransky and Vesely-, the outburst soon faded, punished greatly by the referees with the personal ones but above all for their defense of butter, slapping rather than body, with seconds too many so that the opponents arm the arm. Wow for Calathes and Hayes-Davids, those reviled by Jasikevicius in the last summer market, who savored his revenge. And although Vesely continued in his efforts not to fall against his former teammates, it was Mirotic, who if not, the one who again asked for the ball and the limelight, the responsibility of the shot. But not with those. Inside and out, with Motley and Booker in the paint and with Wilbekin from the perimeter, Fenerbahçe activated the finishing touch and the victory against a Barcelona that only carbureted in the first quarter and that clarified again that it suffers from a serious depersonalization against rivals of high substance, also that it lacks soul when the party castles.


Fenerbahce: Calathes (4), Hayes-Davis (10), Guduric (15), Jekiri (2) and Motley (16) —starting five—; Wilbekin (12), Edwards (0), Bjelica (3), Pierre (3), Dorsey (3) and Booker (13).

Barcelona: Satoransky (14), Laprovittola (12), Kalinic (8), Mirotic (19) and Vesely (11) —starting five—; Sanli (0), Abrines (0), Higgins (0), Tobey (7) and Jokubaitis (2).

Partial: 18-30, 10-19, 24-16 and 20-17.

Referees: Sasa Pulk (Slovenia), Fernando Rocha (Portugal) and Uros Nikolic (Serbia).

Ülker Sports Center. 11,000 spectators.

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