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Feijóo criticizes the Government’s management of European funds before his colleagues from the European People’s Party | Spain | The USA Print


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It does not go as far as Pablo Casado did, who led a crusade in Europe against the alleged “client” and even “corrupt” use of European funds in Spain, but Alberto Núñez Feijóo also criticizes the execution of these aids by the Government Spanish in community forums. The president of the PP attends this Wednesday the second and last day of the congress of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Rotterdam (Netherlands), and from there he has questioned the “opacity” and the “low execution” of the funds in Spain. In his speech at the conclave of European conservatives, Feijóo has drawn a negative portrait of the Spanish situation, based on the “division” of the Government and its external “weakness”, in addition to the high debt and inflation, but has called to tranquility because the PP “is the immediate future of Spain”.

The head of the Spanish conservatives has delivered a speech entirely in Spanish, about 10 minutes, in which he has condensed his criticism of the situation in Spain and its government. According to Feijóo, it has been some of his European colleagues who have conveyed his unease in Rotterdam about the Spanish evolution, and he has limited himself to sharing those concerns in public. “I understand your misgivings about the opacity and the low execution of European funds,” said the leader of the PP in reference to his party colleagues from the rest of Europe. “I understand the restlessness due to the internal division and the external weakness of my country; I share your concern about the anti-NATO position of a part of the Spanish Government; I am aware of your surprise at the extremely high indebtedness of the Spanish economy; I am aware of your concern about inflation above the European average”, he listed.

Feijóo has also asked “immediately to know the reforms announced in Brussels, especially the one that has to do with the future of pensions”, and has urged his European colleagues that, despite his negative portrayal of the situation in Spain, “trust” Spain, “because the trust that Spain deserves is much higher than that which its Government deserves”.

The popular leader has also presented the PP as the guarantor of the rules of the euro and has differentiated himself from “the eurosceptic opposition [Vox]” and “from the part of the Government that is against NATO [Unidas Podemos]”. “The Spanish PP represents the stability that the Government does not represent”, he has defended before his European colleagues.

The Spanish PP represents the stability that the Government does not represent”

Alberto Nuñez Feijoo

Feijóo is taking his first steps in international politics in Rotterdam. Within the framework of this EPP summit, the leader of the conservatives makes his debut in the European arena with several bilateral meetings with community leaders and also foreigners invited to the congress. The first of them was held yesterday with the Prime Minister of Morocco, Aziz Ajanuch, with whom Feijóo met after the controversy caused in Spain by the government of Pedro Sánchez taking sides with Morocco in the conflict over the Sahara. The popular leader took advantage of that meeting to criticize the Executive for its policy with Morocco and to offer Ajanuch his “loyalty”. However, Feijóo did not want to reveal his position on the former Spanish colony, with the justification that he cannot have any as long as he does not know “exactly” that of the Spanish Government.

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