Fede Valerde, from Real Madrid, attacked a Villarreal player outside the Santiago Bernabéu for allegedly offending his son | The USA Print

Fede Valverde (L) allegedly hit Álex Baena (R) in the face.

Fede Valverde (L) allegedly hit Álex Baena (R) in the face.

Photo: Aitor Alcalde / Getty Images

The Real Madrid player Fede Valverde attacked the Villarreal player Álex Baena with a blow to the face, outside the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, after the match that ended 2-3 in favor of the ‘Yellow Submarine’. The pique had been going on for a few months when the Spanish player allegedly said offensive phrases towards one of the Uruguayan’s sons.

As reported by the Spanish media, Valverde waited for Baena near the Bernabéu parking lot and when he saw him, He went to face him near the visitor’s bus and after measuring a few words, he reportedly hit him in the face. The police then went to the scene to take charge of the situation.

All this happened because the Baena allegedly said offenses referring to the pregnancy problems that Valverde’s wife hadduring the game for the Copa del Rey that both clubs played in January.

Álex Baena responds to what happened

Shortly after this episode, The Villarreal midfielder spoke through his social networks and denied the accusations against him, noting that he never said anything that could be considered an offense against the family of his Real Madrid colleague

“Very happy with the team’s impressive victory in a venue like the Santiago Bernabéu, but at the same time very sad for the aggression I suffered after the game and surprised by what is being said about me. IT IS COMPLETELY FALSE THAT I SAID THAT”, Baena wrote.

For their part, Fede Valverde’s entourage told the EFE news agency that The international with the Uruguayan team acknowledged that he did not act in the best way but indicated that “everyone has a limit.”

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