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TikTok strives to suggest content to users that it thinks may interest them through its ‘For You’ tab, a feed in which all videos are collected after taking into account preferences “expressed through application interactions”. However, the platform is aware that the videos it recommends sometimes “do not offer enough variety of topics.” To solve it, the social network will allow you to restart your algorithm.

“This feature allows someone to view content on your feed ‘For you’ as if just signed up for TikTok. Our recommendation system will begin to show more content based on new interactions ”, explains TikTok in a press release.

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Once this tool is activated, which is optional, the social network will show content to users “as if they had just registered”, that is, without customizing or filtering around their tastes. It will be like starting over, follow the platform.

TikTok ensures that this function is added to a series of content controls that will help its community to have a better experience. For example, people can choose to automatically filter videos that use specific tags or phrases from their feeds ‘For you’.

They can also indicate “not interested” to skip future videos from a particular creator or that use a particular sound. In any case, enabling this reset update will not override any settings you have already chosen to enable or affect the accounts the user has followed.

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TikTok seek to provide a better user experience

Tyumen, Russia - January 21, 2020: TikTok and Facebook application on screen Apple iPhone XR

TikTok has taken advantage of the launch of this new functionality to remind us that it is working to provide a pleasant viewing experience.

Sizov AS(Tali Russ)

TikTok has taken advantage of the launch of this new functionality to remind us that it is working to provide a pleasant viewing experience. For example, removing content that violates your rules, content that promotes self-harm or disordered eating. It has also minimized recommendations for topics that could have a negative impact if viewed repeatedly.

To that end, it announced a few weeks ago that it would set a default daily screen time limit of 60 minutes for each account of a user under the age of 18.

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In addition, the company introduced an updated account control system in early February to better crack down on repeat infringers. With it, he hoped to more efficiently and quickly remove harmful accounts from the platform.

These announcements come at a time when there is growing concern among different governments about the security of the application. Several governments and institutions have banned their workers from downloading the increasingly popular Chinese app.

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