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The Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) together with the United States Department of Justice are investigating the Chinese TikTok platform for “spying on journalists”. The US war against TikTok continues, in order to get the Chinese app out of the market.

FBI and US Department of Justice against TikTok

The chinese platform of short videos, TikTok, continues to have problems with the United States, which wants to destroy it at all costs. Now they accuse her of spying on journalists. According to a spokesperson for the platform who spoke to the outlet NBCNewsthe employees involved no longer have any relationship with the company.

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Those behind these investigations against TikTok are the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (known as the FBI), who are also going after the parent company, ByteDance. Among the complaints, the accusations that company employees spied on journalists stand out. This was stressed by a police official last Friday. March 17, 2023, before the media and press.

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Who is in charge of the investigation?

They are the prosecutors Washington Department of Justice and in the Eastern District of Virginia, along with the FBI, who are fully handling the case. However, and despite having control of the case, they did not want to make statements about it.

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Reacting to the US government’s decisions, a spokesman for the parent company of TikTok, bytedancementioned in the nbc:

“We have strongly condemned the actions of the individuals found to be involved, and they are no longer employees of bytedance. Our internal investigation is ongoing and we will cooperate with any official investigation brought to our attention.”

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In Forbes Revelations

Forbes revealed last Thursday, March 17, 2023, that the employees involved in this surveillance have already been fired. bytedance decided to do this, since it was confirmed that these workers were looking for sources of leaks to journalists within the company.

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An investigation by the same ByteDance company indicated that the employees had access to the IP addresses and other sensitive data of the journalists. In addition, they also accessed the details of some of the contacts related to them through their profiles. TikTok.

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The federal investigation what is against bytedance He has more complex reasons. One of these is the constant “concern” of the US government about the alleged threats that TikTok can pose to the population. The Joe Biden administration has threatened to ban the app within the United States if its Chinese owners do not sell their shares and no longer own the platform.

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US authorities are distraught because they believe China could use TikTok to spy on citizens or influence public opinion across the nation.

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The position of the USA versus TikTok it is totally rejecting. Proof of this are the statements made last Thursday, March 16, 2023, by the press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre:

“We have expressed our concern about China’s possible use of software platforms that could endanger or threaten the security of the United States and its national security. That is the President’s concern. That’s why we’ve asked Congress to take action.”

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