Fast and Furious 10: Director rules out time travel in the franchise

Fast and Furious 10: Director rules out time travel in the franchise

fast and furious 10 – Fast and Furious 10: Director rules out time travel in the franchise65% it is a complete blockbuster with only a few days in theaters. The new installment of the popular action franchise was very patient with its release date, but Toretto’s fans finally have the team’s tenth adventure within their reach; the eleventh will arrive in the future and will have louis leterrier as director. Through his work, and even with the DeLorean in the film, the filmmaker makes it clear that time travel will not be a part of the saga, no matter how fan-requested it was and no matter how awesome it would be in reality. given that many previous films have not been respectful of the laws of physics.

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The movies of Fast and furious They are known for their over-the-top, show-stopping style of action, which often results in situations that defy logic. These productions seek to entertain the public with driving sequences and impossible stunts, where vehicles perform incredible and invulnerable maneuvers, defying gravity and the real limitations of physics. This over-the-top, disconnected approach to reality is integral to the franchise, providing an escapist entertainment experience where boundaries are broken to create moments of pure excitement and wonder on the big screen.

However, fast and furious x includes the famous DeLorean of Back to the Future – Fast and Furious 10: Director rules out time travel in the franchise96% as one of the many vehicles that make their way through the adventure. This notable addition would be a reference to time travel that has echoed so much in conversations about the franchise, with many fans suggesting “if the laws of physics are no longer respected, timeline travel should be included.” But leterrier he preferred to leave the fourth dimension just as we know it, letting it flow like a river and not interfering with it. The above statement rules out time travel, now and in the future; the director himself spoke about the subject in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

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What I can do? Travels in the time? There’s nothing I could have done that’s bigger than that. There is no way. They went into space, so I said, ‘We’re going to bring them back to Earth.’

Fast and furious has achieved massive success thanks to a number of elements that have resonated with audiences. First, these movies deliver a steady dose of fast-paced action, racing sequences, and spectacular stunts that keep fans on the edge of their seats. Let’s not forget that the saga has created charismatic and beloved characters, played by a talented and diverse cast, led by Vin Diesel and dwayne johnsonwho are able to connect with the public on an emotional level.

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On the other hand, the saga has also known how to evolve and adapt over the years, incorporating features of spy movies and other genres, expanding its cinematographic universe with successful spin-offs such as Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw – 83%. The franchise has been very smart in building a community of loyal fans, who enjoy the camaraderie and family ties between the characters, as well as the combination of action, humor and drama, managing to captivate the public by offering an exciting experience that stray from reality, with memorable characters, emotional stories, and a winning formula that continues to draw audiences around the world.

Fast and furious It will end with his next film. It has been a very long road of adventures and dreams come true, escapism for the fans and billions of dollars for those involved in its development. The franchise is one of the most successful in Hollywood and is not afraid to compete against the numbers of other greats such as Marvel Studios and Star Wars, always at the forefront of the entertainment most consumed by the masses. Although at the moment there is no release date for the latest installment, we can be sure that it will be a worldwide success, perhaps the biggest of the entire series? We will find out in the future.

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