Fans of the Milwaukee Brewers dress up as cats to “scare” the Venezuelan Eduardo Escobar for his phobia | The USA Print

Fanáticos de los Brewers.

During the concentration of Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic it was revealed that the utility edward escobar He has a phobia of cats, to such an extent that he can’t even see them up close.

Some fanatics took advantage of this situation. Milwaukee Brewers to try to distract the third baseman from the New York Mets in the matchup last Tuesday at Wisconsin’s American Family Field at the start of the 2023 Major League Baseball season.

The fans who attended the match and who were in the chairs near third base, the exact position that Escobar covers, they attended with giant cat masks to try to scare or distract the Venezuelan.

Even during the World Classic His teammates annoyed him on several occasions with cat sounds to scare him, which caused the player’s phobia to go viral and when it reached the ears of beer fans, they did not hesitate to apply this strategy.

The New York Mets ended up being beaten by the Brewers 9-0, being the second consecutive shutoutbecause on Monday they also lost 10-0 against the same rival.

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