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Fan asked Anuel AA to give him a sock and after refusing, he assured that his feet "smell"

The singer Anuel AA This Monday it went viral on the various platforms due to the request of a fan, and she asked him to give her a sock, because the woman mentioned that she wanted to know from him if her feet produce any kind of odor, and The Puerto Rican did not remain silent when asked.

However, the reggaeton singer did not agree, although he could not hold back his laughter at the request they were making of him. In the audiovisual he can be heard when she tells him: “Give me a sockplease”, In turn, the interpreter of ‘Prohibition’ said to her: “Linda, how am I going to give you a sock?”, and in the midst of a few bursts of laughter he answered: “Let’s see if your feet smell like us.“.

Yailin’s ex-partner, ‘the most viral’, couldn’t hold back the urge to laugh, because her reaction was one of surprise, while she ended up answering: “Of course they smell me“I’m just like you.”

Internet users give their opinion about wanting an Anuel AA sock

The users of the camera’s social network did not take long to speak out about the video they were watching, while several rejected him asking their favorite artist for that type of gift, a fact that led more than one to say that you need help from a professional.

“Seriously, people are ridiculous,” “Tell him to give you the underwear to see if it stinks…”, “If I had been Anuel, I would tell him: ‘I can’t give you the sock, but I can give you an appointment with a psychiatrist'”, “No, but people are definitely crazy”, “I would ask him for a chain, to see if his heart hurts”, “Anuel is so cute, he looks great”, “I would have asked him to fart and smell his 🍑. Ridiculousness of people”, “It is definitely the crystal generation… They don’t think”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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